Hot AI Mandate: Germany-based Global VC Interested in Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Digital Health and Life Science Tools

28 Sep

A venture capital firm was founded in 2013 with headquarters in Germany. The firm operates from 16 different offices across the globe and has invested in hundreds of companies in a wide variety of sectors. Recently, the firm has been expanding their portfolio in the life science/healthcare sector, and is actively seeking early-stage opportunities. Investing from a $1.5B fund, the firm will typically invest up to $3M as an initial check, with a significant portion of their capital dedicated to follow-on investments. The firm is open to global opportunities, with a focus on USA, Europe, and Asia.

The firm is interested in therapeutics, diagnostics, digital health, and life science tools. The firm’s interest areas also include industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, and robotics. While the firm does not completely rule out medical device opportunities, they are not a priority for the firm. Within therapeutics, the firm will consider both single assets and platform technologies. In general, the firm is stage and indication agnostic.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements and is open to working with all types of management teams. The firm can act as a lead, co-lead, or co-investor, and provides operational support for their portfolio companies to help them scale.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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