Hot Longevity Mandate: East Coast-Based Family Office

28 Sep

The firm is a private investment firm based in New York. The firm is supported by a family who has invested in healthcare operating companies and real estate for over 30 years and seeks to invest in opportunities that align with their strategic interests. Investments in healthcare have included skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation therapy, institutional pharmacy, hospice, mental health tech, healthcare tech, and home health. The firm looks to work with early stage companies where they can leverage their operating platform. As a private investor, the firm has a very flexible horizon and mandate – investment size can greatly vary on a deal-by-deal basis. The firm has about 20 companies in their its portfolio, and invests all across the USA.

The firm has a robust portfolio that ranges from healthcare to technology to consumer products. While the firm has a broad interest in healthcare, the firm is most interested in technologies that can leverage the firm’s operating platform and resources. The firm’s portfolio companies include workforce transformation, nurse staffing, medical billing, and Fintech that is focused on the healthcare sector, medical billing, and more. The firm also has a strong interest in technologies dedicated to mental & behavioral health. The firm is opportunistic in terms of stage of development. The firm does not consider therapeutics opportunities.

The firm seeks to partner with smart, thoughtful founders with a true commitment in their ideas. The firm is a hands-on investor and seeks to have an active role in their portfolio companies. As mentioned above, the firm is able to leverage its resources to support pilots and enable companies

to test new ideas. The firm can also support companies in enhancing their business models, implementing scale through partnerships, and share their own experiences in developing world-class brands.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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