Hot Longevity Mandate: Canada-Based Diagnostics Company

12 Oct

The company is Canada’s largest diagnostic lab and is the leading diagnostic testing facility for communities in Ontario and BC. The company does 120 million diagnostic tests a year in centralized labs and 450+ offices and patient service centers. The firm has made a number of acquisitions in the last 10 years, and consolidated lab testing by acquiring the largest competitive lab in Ontario and the only competitive lab in BC. The firm is looking solely for long term strategic partnerships with organizations that have technology in point of care testing and novel diagnostic testing as well as technology platforms. The company looks globally for opportunities.

The company is looking for strategic partnerships in both the medical device and diagnostic sectors. The firms main focus is point of care technologies, rapid testing, cardiovascular, wearables and biometrics, and the firm is open to all indications. The company also looks to women and men’s health, as well as novel mental health and brain related technologies. The firm is open to pre-clinical companies.

The company looks for management teams with deep subject matter expertise within their field and a strong track record. The firm is open to both co-investing or leading an investment, where they will seek board seat representation.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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