Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe VC Firm Specializes in Oncology Drug Development Companies, Investing Up to $10M in USA & Europe Technologies

14 Oct

A venture capital firm based in Western Europe is entirely specialized in and focused on investing in early-stage oncology drug development companies. For its most recent fund, the firm seeks to invest in an estimated 10 biotechnology start-ups in cancer treatment. Typical investments are made in equity and with an average ticket size of 10 million Euros over a period of 5 to 7 years. In addition, the firm seeks to invest 1-2 million Euros in promising academic cancer research projects over a period of 18 months with the aim to transition these projects to NewCo’s. The firm seeks a lead investor role in companies based in the Netherlands and Belgium, and a co-investor role in other regions. The firm prefers syndicated investments with like-minded investors with equal ticket sizes. The firm’s main focus is on European companies, although they will consider US opportunities.

The firm focuses on a wide spectrum of cancer treatment, including but not limited to small molecules, antibodies, gene therapy, cell therapy, and immunotherapy. The firm supports early-stage companies from incubator stage and preclinical through phase 1. The firm prefers to invest in companies that have underlying platform technologies.

The firm can support management teams by being operationally involved on an interim basis in companies based in the country of their headquarters, and will frequently set-up companies from scratch with the inventors. The firm can help refine the business plan, R&D plans and provide financial, IP, IT, legal, HR support. If needed, the firm will take up interim-management roles.

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