Hot Longevity Mandate: New York-Based Venture Fund

19 Oct

The firm is a New York-based Life Sciences investment firm. Typical allocations are up to $4M in projects. With follow-on allocations, the total investment can reach up to $10M per company. The firm takes a mid-to-long-term investment approach. The firm often syndicates with major US venture capital firms, but it can also lead a financing round. The firm is currently seeking new opportunities in the US and Canada, and Western Europe.

The firm puts 70% focus on therapeutics and 30% on medical devices and diagnostics. In therapeutics, the firm prefers late-stage assets with human proof of concept and blockbuster potential, while it also has a minor interest in early-stage breakthrough science with strong management teams. In medical devices, the firm seeks to provide growth funding in de-risked medical devices and diagnostics in final approval steps, launch and international marketing efforts.

The firm considers both single assets and platform technologies. The firm’s investment strategy is strictly patient-centric. Lab equipment, health IT, and biosimilars/generics are not of interest. The firm focuses on five key disease areas: oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, CNS/pain, and women’s health. In oncology, the firm seeks therapies with novel mechanisms of action and delivery, human data and signs of efficacy, and it also considers new generation diagnostics technologies. In cardiovascular diseases, the firm seeks life-saving therapies and technologies with strong human data. In anti-infectives, the firm is considering pre-clinical assets managed by serial entrepreneurs. In CNS, the firm seeks therapies with human proof-of-concept and clear mechanism of action. In women’s health, the firm seeks a wide range of therapies and technologies at all stages, which predominantly help women give birth to healthy children.

The firm is looking for high-caliber serial entrepreneurs with unmatched track-record of success and strong credibility. The firm typically takes a board seat in the companies it invests in.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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