Hot AI Mandate: Venture Arm of Global Advisory Firm Invests in Medical Devices Diagnostics and Digital Health Companies

2 Nov

The venture arm of a global advisory dedicated to healthcare with practices across regulatory and clinical affairs, market access and His EOR strategy consulting, and investment banking. The firm uses its experience in the industry to invest in promising early-stage companies developing medical devices, diagnostics or digital health technologies. The firm invests at the seed stage, and serves as a strategic investor as much as a financial investor, using industry knowledge and contacts to help companies grow. The firm will generally invest between $250K-1M in companies that have some proof of concept and IP. The firm will invest globally.

The firm invests in medical device, diagnostics and digital health companies. While the firm is generally agnostic to subsector and indication, it tends to avoid companies with a long time to exit. In addition, while the firm is willing to consider all types of medical devices, they are less likely to invest in PMA devices at this stage.

The firm is a very active investor, and thus takes a board seat, even if just an observer position, to lend their expertise. The firm can lead or coinvest, but tends to coinvest, and can help build a syndicate with their contacts.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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