Hot AI Mandate: Texas-based VC Focuses on AI, Machine Learning and Other Biotech or Medtech Technologies

9 Nov

A Venture Capital firm was founded in 2020 and is located in Plano, Texas. The firm is different from a traditional VC in that it focuses on investing, building and scaling life science start ups. The goal is to co-innovate and grow with the startups they invest in. The firm has a fund that is financed by 35 angels groups as well as a hedge fund. Investments are mainly in the form of equity and in-licensing, but the firm is flexible on a case-by-case basis with convertible notes. The firm has 7 life science companies in their portfolio to date. The firm’s main focus is biotech, medtech, and AI and machine learning technologies. The firm’s goal is to build innovations in hospitals that transform the lives of patients and make doctors jobs easier. The firm focuses on Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A financing rounds. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm focuses on AI, machine learning, and other biotech/medtech technologies, and within those domains, are open to all 4 main sectors. The firm looks for technologies in: consumer health, connected health practices, patient engagement related arenas, telehealth, distal therapeutics, and consumer health solutions and services. The firm doesn’t focus on traditional medical devices, but is looking to invest in “smart” medical devices that support connected health practices. The firm is open to most indications, especially oncology, women’s health, mental health, respiratory, cardiology, and pediatrics. The firm is not interested in drugs therapeutics or immunology with the exception of mRNA vaccines. The firm invests in pre-clinical companies.

The firm is looking for a team that they can work and co-innovate with and do channel partnering with to scale their businesses. For this firm, the concept or idea is the most important part and they are looking for more than what companies built today, they look for the future impact. Interested companies should have management teams that are in alignment with the firm’s values and that their end outcome is patient success. The firm can lead or co-invest on a case by case basis and will seek board seat representation on a case by case basis as well.

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