Hot Longevity Mandate: Corporate Venture Arm of Senior Living Community

4 Jan

The firm is the corporate venture arm of a senior living communities with in multiple locations and a seniors members club . The firm invests strategically in companies that can enhance their services or the elderly population quality of life in general, including in healthcare. Within healthcare, the firm is willing to invest in digital health, medical devices and diagnostic/monitoring technologies, but will not invest in therapeutics. The firm generally invests in seed to series A, and will occasionally act as a company builder, co-founding a company around a promising technology. In an initial investment, the firm will generally invest no more than $.5M, but has the ability to invest in follow-on rounds. As a strategic investor, in addition to capital, the firm can employ their facilities for pilot programs, and will occasionally do so before investing. The firm is primarily interested in Israeli companies, but will invest globally.

The firm invests in multiple sectors related to the elderly population quality of life. These technologies can include medical devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies. Examples include chronic disease management software or monitoring devices.

The firm is a strategic and active investor, and will generally take a board seat after investing.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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