Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate Venture Arm Invests Globally in Technologies Intersecting AI and Healthcare,  Mainly in Series A & B Rounds

13 Jan

A corporate venture arm is seeking to make investments in companies with an intersection of AI in various verticals such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and sustainability. The firm also makes investments in core technology enablers of AI. The firm has $300M AUM. Check size ranges from $1-10M but typically falls in the $3-5M range and the firm prefers equity investments. The firm has made three investments in companies with applications of AI in healthcare. The firm typically invest in Series A and B but will look at Pre Series A companies that are getting close to the Series A round. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm seeks to make investments relating to AI. The firm will look at therapeutics, medical devices, digital health and diagnostics as long as it is AI enabled. The firm is agnostic to subsector and indication. The firm does not look at pre-clinical and pre-prototype companies, but will look at earlier companies that are preparing for clinical trials on a case by case basis. The firm will invest in all three classes of medical devices.

The firm looks for management teams with a good network, and a diverse founding team is of particular interest. In healthcare investments, the firm typically co-invests, and will seek a board observer seat.
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