Panels at Digital RESI March

3 Feb

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

The Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) conference series is, first and foremost, a partnering event. However, in addition to being partnering-centric, RESI is also designed to provide unfettered access to “the room where it happens” in the form of investor panels designed to provide valuable insight into what investors want in 2022.

Digital RESI March will feature 13 panels, with 10 panels featuring investors sharing their insights and giving tips to fundraising companies, as well as 3 panels featuring startups sharing their successful fundraising stories, how they achieved it, and what they’ve learned along the way. The investor panels range in focus from Seed Funds to Medtech Strategics, and focusing on different sectors, from Mental & Behavioral Health to Cell & Gene Therapy. Additionally, there will be AI and Longevity-focused panels, two areas of the life sciences with increasing focus.

RESI is first and foremost a partnering conference, but this content offers many startups keen strategies to help them avoid common pitfalls when approaching investors. Attendees can take the time to watch the sessions live and ask the panelists questions, or choose to watch the panels at a later date, with the panel recordings available on the Live Agenda up to three weeks after the conference ends.

If your New Year’s resolution was to kick off an early-stage fundraise, you’re not alone, but RESI provides the actionable steps to get from point (or series) A to B. Check out our panels below and register by February 18 to save $200!

Digital RESI March 2022 Panels
March 22
11 AM EST Early-Stage Therapeutics
Bringing the Newest Therapies to the Clinic
2 PM EST Digital Health & Wellness
Silver-Tech Focusing on Preventative Car
3 PM EST Seed Funds
Investing in the Earliest Stage Companies
4 PM EST Tales from the Road: AI Innovators on their Fundraising Journey
March 23
11 AM EST Age-Tech Devices
Seniors Embrace Innovative Medtech for Better Quality of Life
2 PM EST Medtech Strategics
Large Corporations Seeking External Innovation in MedTech
3 PM EST AI Drug Discovery and Development
How AI is Accelerating Therapeutic Advancement
4 PM EST Tales from the Road: Biotech and MedTech Innovators on their Fundraising Journey
March 24
11 AM EST Precision Medicine
Improving Outcomes through a Patient-Tailored Approach
1 PM EST Cell & Gene Therapy
The Next Generation of Therapeutic Technologies
2 PM EST Defining AI Investment
AI-Exclusive Investors Share Their Perspectives
4 PM EST Tales from the Road: Age-Tech Innovators on their Fundraising Journey


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