Hot AI Mandate: California-based VC Interested In Data-driven and AI-related Life Science Companies

1 Mar

A venture capital firm was founded in 2012 and is based in San Diego, CA. The firm invests in a wide range of data-driven products that integrate AI, machine learning, and IoT. The firm is backed by a management team with a long, successful track record of building tech companies. The firm invests in the company’s early stages with an initial check size of $250 K with follow-on investments as the company matures, with equity and convertible loan as the preferred capital structures. The firm focuses on US-based companies, but may consider international companies with strongly innovative products that they can bring to the US market.

The firm will look at a range of verticals in the life sciences sector as long as there is a strong data-driven component in the company’s product. Sectors of interest include healthcare IT/digital health. The firm will not consider therapeutics or medical devices unless there is a heavy data component. The firm’s previous investments include an AI-driven image analysis platform for cancer detection, a computational DNA analysis platform for personalized cancer treatments, and a DNA amplification technology based on electric field-induced pH changes. The firm has their own AI Lab of top data scientists, so the company does not have to have the AI experts as long as they have the data, know how to get the data, and what information would be valuable to retrieve via machine learning applications.

The firm will work with companies backed by founders with deep domain expertise. The firm prefers deploying the venture studio model to help co-found companies, deploy their AI Lab experts, and will always take a board seat in their portfolio companies.

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