Hot Longevity Mandates: US-Based Family Office

1 Mar

The firm is a private investment firm with offices in the USA. The firm is actively investing in early-stage life science companies, primarily from Series A to beyond. Typical investment size ranges between $5-20M USD, and the firm works together with its network of other active investment firms and family offices to form investment syndicates. The firm is focused on companies based in USA and Canada, but is open to evaluating highly promising companies beyond North America. 

The firm invests in therapeutics and devices, and digital health to a much lesser extent. The firm will not consider wearables. With regards to therapeutics, the firm is most interested in clinical stage companies (pre-clinical will most likely be considered too early stage) in the anti-infective space. The firm does look at other modalities and indications given that they are fairly advanced clinical assets. In terms of medical devices, the firm will consider those that are very close to, or already gained FDA approval. The firm is agnostic in terms of subsectors and indications, but is most interested in technologies that address a large market and can be applied in a wide scale. The firm has reviewed technologies in ophthalmology, cardiovascular, and pulmonary indications with positive interest. 

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements, though strong intellectual property is considered a huge plus. The firm generally acts as a co-investor, but also engages fellow investors in their network to syndicate investment rounds.

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