Hot Investor Mandate: Canada-Based Life Sciences VC Actively Seeks Therapeutics and Medical Device Investment Opportunities in North America

7 Apr

A life sciences venture capital firm based in Canada with additional offices in USA manages over $500M AUM and has invested over $450M in more than 100 companies. With their recent fund closed in 2021, the firm typically makes initial investments ranging from $2-$6 million of equity and looks to invest $8-$12 million over the lifetime of the investment. The firm expects to make 4-6 investments over the next 12 months, and prioritizes investment opportunities that are based in USA or Canada.

The firm invests primarily in therapeutics and  medical devices, and consumer health technologies. The firm generally looks for companies phase I and later that have at least some human proof-of-concept with either early human efficacy signs or very strong animal data coupled with human safety data. That said, the firm is open to earlier stage, pre-clinical companies with strong validation. The firm is agnostic in terms of modalities.

The firm invests in companies throughout the United States and Canada. The firm does not look to take an active role on the management team but does look to take a board seat.

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