Who’s Getting Funded?

21 Apr

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) has built a funding superstructure over the past decade, but what is the true metric of success in the complex early-stage life science ecosystem? The number of companies funded, and the amount allocated are terrific metrics, but when consumed as comprehensive and independent of context, this data can be misleading and unhelpful. Let’s dive into LSN’s tracking of these companies and discuss the value this data holds and how it can work for you.

As previously mentioned, LSN tracks companies funded in part through participating at the Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) partnering conferences, subscribing to the LSN Investor Database, or using our Branding, Messaging and Matching services. The organic nature of partnering, along with its typical 9–18-month timeline, makes it challenging to track and verify, therefore, this data is typically self-reported by our partners and verified through public press releases. As such, we estimate this list makes up only about a third of these deals with LSN as part of the strategy, as many cannot be publicly disclosed. The funded partner list consists of nearly 85 startups across early-stage life science and healthcare with deals valuing more than $1.3B that have used LSN’s products and services as part of the campaign strategy. Check out the basic structure of these deals below:


From the data, we see that the 4Ds (Drugs, Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health) that LSN focuses on are broadly represented in the number of companies that receive funding, but they are not the only companies that investors are pursuing. Additionally, therapeutics leads the pack, despite the reputation that pre-clinical, early-stage therapeutics are too great a risk for investors to jump into. Learn more about that in our recent interviews with RESI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge winners: OncoXome CEO, Auriane Gamelin and Prolifagen CEO, Claudine Bruck.


We see that early-stage deal flow is alive and well in the life sciences, but not all capital is the same. Know what you want but keep an open mind when meeting with relevant and knowledgeable partners who are a fit for you. Early-stage fundraising is a critical point in a startup’s development and growth, but these partnerships will last beyond the round and will play a large part in bringing your company forward.

The tools LSN offers are powerful, but what these funded companies also have in common is leg work. LSN helps companies build their global target list of capital investors and licensing partners through services, data, and events, but it’s the founders and their stories that shine in those meetings. Every successful raise has dedicated, hard-working, creative, and resourceful founders and team members doing research, booking meetings, and pitching to investors who are a fit for their product and stage of development. LSN has long provided guidance and resources to help entrepreneurs, but it’s their own work that gets them over the finish line.

Has LSN played a role in your fundraising or investing? Tell us your story! We want to add your deal to our list and share what you have learned throughout the process. If you’re interested in learning more about what LSN can help you achieve in your own global fundraising campaign, connect with our business development team!

Want to learn more? The Business Development team at Life Science Nation is available to answer questions and share additional details to help you meet your partnership goals!
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