Fulbright Scholars Learn to Fly with Life Science Nation

28 Apr

By Alexander Vassallo, Manager of Business Development West Coast (US), LSN

“If I told you to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, would you do it?”

This was not the first question that the Fulbright scholars attending the Boston seminar were expecting to receive, but after a 3-day entrepreneurial masterclass workshop delivered by Life Science Nation (LSN), it was a question all the scholars had an answer to. Starting a company is one of the most difficult tasks an entrepreneur can undertake, however, with the right mindset and genuine entrepreneurial agency, your chances of success can greatly improve.

The Fulbright Commission invited LSN to help equip the next generation of aspiring scientist-entrepreneurs with some of the skills they would need to be industry leaders in the life science arena. Led by LSN Founder and CEO, Dennis Ford, alongside the VP of Business Development, Candice He, and the BD Manager for the West Coast, Alex Vassallo, the Boston Fulbright seminar, April 21-23, was an engaging experience that this year’s cohort of scholars would not soon forget.

Participants were given an opportunity to explore and examine the process of taking life-saving inventions from ideation and creation stages to the public market. The life science domain is unique in that a startup entity’s journey starts with academic tech transfer agreements, which lead to regional and national government non-dilutive funding followed by capital investors and licensing partners. This entrepreneurial masterclass highlighted the core elements of launching an early-stage company’s branding and messaging in conjunction with a global partnering campaign. The theme of the workshop was finding your entrepreneurial voice, developing a compelling narrative, and then clearly telling the story of team, product, company milestones, and partnering strategy.

The 3-day entrepreneurial workshop concluded with an impressive pitch competition that highlighted not only the talent and entrepreneurial agency that the Fulbright scholars possessed, but that the key take-home messages of the masterclass had been well integrated and understood. We can expect many of these students to be industry leaders in the coming years and were honored to be a part of their journey. Whilst starting a company in many ways is comparable to jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, the scholars of the Fulbright Commission are taking the plunge.

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