Hot Longevity Mandate: Midwest-Based Pharma

3 May

The company was founded in 1897 and is based in midwestern US. The firm is a family-owned company active in several areas of the healthcare industry, and is interested in forming strategic relationships with companies working in its core fields. The structure of these relationships varies, but generally involves in-licensing and co-promotion. The firm prefers to form relationships with companies that are (or very soon will be) at the commercial stage and are seeking a partner that can provide a distribution channel and support rapid growth.

The firm’s current primary interest is in medical devices that address infection prevention, particularly prevention of hospital-acquired infections; the group is also interested in partnering with companies developing diagnostic devices that are used in a critical care or ICU setting, and products for gastrointestinal and anal-rectal health. While the firm generally forms partnerships involving devices that have received FDA approval, the group may also be interested in devices that are not yet approved but have strong clinical evidence that shows a significant advantage over the current standard of care. Additionally, the firm is interested in non-prescription medical products that address age management for women (including aesthetics and menopause), and non-prescription topical products.

The firm is primarily focused on forming relationships with companies in the US market. As the company uses a launchpad strategy that involves deploying a nationwide salesforce to create fast market uptake for a partner’s product with the goal of growing the value and market share of their partner’s assets prior to attaining an exit, the firm invests in opportunities that can achieve an exit in 2-3 years.

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