What to Know When Preparing to Pitch

30 Jun

By Rory McCann, Director of Marketing, Conference Producer, LSN

The RESI Boston Innovator’s Pitch Challenge is now accepting applications! RESI is a leader in connecting early-stage companies with capital and licensing partners, but it’s the founders that present and pitch their way to success. Whether a first-time founder or a veteran, pitching can be daunting, but knowing how to speak to investors can give a founder an edge over a competing company. We’ve compiled a brief list of what-to-knows to help founders prepare for a successful pitch:

  1. Know your audience. Who are you pitching to? What are their concerns and pain points that you can address? For instance, a VC may have different questions than an angel or family office. Additionally, are they specific to your sector or technology? Understanding their background with your product will help you tailor how you present the information in a way that they comprehend.
  2. Know your format. Is this a warm introduction, cold call, or a pitch competition with limitations on how long you can speak for? Do you bring slides or share them ahead? Is it in-person or some virtual platform you need prior experience with? Knowing the format of the pitch is valuable because it saves precious time and shows investors that you are prepared.
  3. Know your presentation. Make sure you are comfortable with the points you’re hitting and the amount of time you plan to spend on each point. We recommend that pitching companies touch on their product or tech, team, company model, existing traction, market landscape, go-to-market strategy, and of course, the raise ask and how it’s to be used. Practice these points so you are confident in your presentation and comfortable fielding questions.

Want to put these tools to the test? Join us September 21-22 for the onsite Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at RESI Boston. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so get yours in soon!

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