Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Investment Firm Allocates $20-50M in Novel Drug Discovery and Development Companies, Considering Opportunities in the Earliest Stages of Development

7 Jul

A firm based in USA actively makes equity investments in early stage biotechnology companies with typical allocations of about $20-50M per company. The firm will consider investing in researchers located worldwide but typically create companies anywhere in the US where there is strong biology/biotech talent, inclusive but not limited to San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, NY, and Boston. The firm would only build/invest in a company elsewhere in exceptional circumstances.  The firm only considers opportunities in which they can participate in the first round of institutional investment.

The firm is seeking to build drug discovery and development companies, and prefers to invest at or before the preclinical stage; the firm is open to investing in concept-stage technologies that do not yet have protected IP.  The firm focuses on novel biology; the firm will consider investments in any disease area and is open to investing in any therapeutic technology provided the potential application of the technology has been established.  Only therapeutic technologies are of interest; devices and diagnostics will not be considered.

The firm typically engages prior to company formation.  The firm is a very hands-on investor and will take an active role in management recruitment and company-building.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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