Regional Tech Hubs for Global Impact

14 Jul

By Erika Wu, Business Development Manager, Global Tech Hubs, LSN

Fundraising is a numbers game for early-stage life science starts, and a challenge for regional tech hubs is to put the odds in the favor of their constituents. To increase the odds, it’s essential to bring fundraising from regional to global. Regional tech hubs, such as accelerators and incubators, are powerful tools to do this.

It’s important to identify all the potential investors who are a fit for a startup’s size, cost, industry sector, and term of investment. The type of funds ranges from grants to equity investments, but a strong relationship with investors will immensely benefit the fundraising journey. Tech hubs can connect founders with local capital through services and events, but the goal should always be a global target list full of those who are a fit for product and stage of development all over the world.

Tech hubs are often the first steps for many startups to get their feet wet. They can offer tools and strategies for founders to learn how to start this process and the opportunities necessary to take their story on the road. Tech hubs are often known and respected beyond their own regional impact, so connections with these groups can prove to be powerful alliances.

Life Science Nation (LSN) recognizes the voice these tech hubs have within the global early-stage marketplace. This is why we feature special offers specifically designed for the needs and experiences of their earliest stage constituents. These offers include tools meant to build on the benefits of tech hub membership, including discounted registrations and sponsorship at RESI, the LSN Investor Database, and participation in entrepreneurial immersion courses to support growing their company from a regional to global level.

Learn more about how your regional tech hub can partner with LSN and which opportunities may best fit the earliest stage life science entrepreneurs in your region. Also, sign up for a free webinar July 20 on how RESI supports startups taking their fundraising from regional to global.

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