Grow Your Investor List

14 Jul

By Antoinette Lowre, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Gathering investor targets can be a daunting task for early-stage entrepreneurs. Have you been stuck on a list of investors since the beginning of the year with little to no traction or interaction? It’s time to grow that list. As a leader in connecting early-stage life science startups with capital and licensing deals, Life Science Nation (LSN) offers tools, strategies, and opportunities to make real, actionable traction on a global target list that is a fit for your product and stage of development.

LSN is currently running a bundle offer for the Investor Database that saves over $3,000 and includes a registration to attend the RESI Boston partnering conference September 21-23 and a slot to pitch at the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge. With the LSN Investor Database, you can filter through 2,000+ investor profiles based on their preferred investment sectors, sub-sectors, indication preference, and phase of development interests. These filters help generate a list of leads aligned with your company.

The information provided within our database is not pulled from a bot system, or even taken from their website. The differentiating factor is a dedicated research team focused on creating relationships with investors. The investor research team will find the appropriate point of contact at each investor company and interview them to find out, on a more in-depth level, exactly what they are looking to invest in and add to their portfolio. In addition to a detailed investment mandate, you will also have access to the correct point of contact’s contact information and a list of necessary initial materials, providing entrepreneurs an enviable advantage that saves both time and money.

Subscription access also includes an onboarding session to review database functionality and best practices for your outreach campaign. We will strategize what your messages should look like, what kind of information each message should include, and outreach frequency. We will also help you set your Global Target List and tier them out based on the best fit. Contact your business development representative to learn more. We’re happy to provide a database demo. Let’s grow that list of investors and get your fundraising campaign the second wind it needs to round out the year.

Want to learn more? The Business Development team at Life Science Nation is available to answer questions and share additional details to help you meet your partnership goals!
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