Congratulations CX Therapeutics!

28 Jul

By Erika Wu, Business Development Manager, Global Tech Hubs, LSN

Last week, CX Therapeutics President, Dr. Michael House received the Life Science Nation (LSN) award at the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center & Biotech Incubator (M2D2) IMPACT Accelerator Pitch-Off. CX Therapeutics’ novel medical device is designed to prevent preterm birth and improve outcomes for pregnant women due to cervical insufficiency. The IMPACT award is sponsored by LSN and comes with an award valued at $2,995 that will be used to accelerate CX Therapeutics’ efforts in partnering and fundraising. Dr. House will have the opportunity to connect with 350+ investors at RESI Boston, September 21-23, as well as engage in panels and workshops, and showcase CX Therapeutics’ technology in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge.

LSN is pleased to use its global fundraising platform connecting early-stage startups across life science and healthcare with global investors and strategic partners to partner with M2D2, UMASS Lowell-based program connecting small, Massachusetts-based companies to resources enhancing their commercialization and development efforts. M2D2 is an example of the great regional innovation propelled forward with the resources of dedicated tech hubs. LSN is proud to partner with tech hubs like M2D2 to accelerate early-stage technology and introduce founders to the RESI community of licensing and channel partners.

RESI-Boston-2022-Banner - new - 1100px

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