Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm Supported by Group of High Net Worth Individuals Invests in Medical Devices, Digital Health and Hardware Companies in USA, Europe, and Middle East

28 Jul

A USA-based firm invests the capital of a small cohort of high-net-worth individuals.  The fund makes growth-stage investments in the healthcare sector, with a highly varied rate and size of allocations. The firm is interested in investment opportunities in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The firm primarily invests in healthcare services and avoids opportunities that involve scientific or regulatory risk.  The fund is interested in approved medical devices and healthcare supplier/engineering companies that have products on the market; healthcare IT, and connected devices/connected hospital hardware are particularly of interest. The firm does not invest in drug development or biotech R&D companies.

The firm only invests in companies with revenues and indications of market adoption; the fund has no lower bar for revenue rates but will not fund initial batches of a product, as the firm requires data on market receptivity.  The fund invests with a 5-10 year horizon and is therefore interested in long-term growth opportunities.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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