Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Fund Seeks All Therapeutic Areas as Well as Medtech and Digital Health, Allocating Up to $20M in Series A Financings and Beyond

28 Jul

A firm actively funds, supports and advances life science technologies from early development through clinical proof-of-concept. The firm’s experienced leadership team works with scientists and entrepreneurs to provide active mentorship, financing solutions and operational guidance to increase the probability of success in early drug development. The firm has access to capital to support companies from seed investment through Series A and B financings and the size of initial seed investment can range from $0.5M to $1.5M. The subsequent Series A investments will be sized to get through preclinical and IND-enabling work and/or through a clinical development study and can range between $8M-$20M, with flexibility to syndicate with investors for larger rounds. For more mature companies that don’t require a seed round or the need to do complete activities/studies prior to a Series A, the firm can invest directly as a Series A investment along with participation in related Series B investments. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm supports opportunities across all therapeutic areas and drug modalities (small molecule, peptides, antibodies, genetic technologies, cell therapy, etc.).  Additionally, the firm is open to technologies beyond drug therapeutics, including medical devices, diagnostics and emerging healthtech opportunities (digital health, telemedicine, enabling technologies utilizing AI/ML, etc.). Founder and entrepreneur friendly and supportive of first-time CEOs, the firm works side by side to drive value inflections with the goal to optimize program development and successful outcomes.

The firm is open to working with all types of management teams, including first time entrepreneurs. The firm works hands-on with its portfolio companies by bringing a powerful network, access to resources and expertise to support their growth. The firm prefers to lead but is open to participating with likeminded co-investors to form syndicates.

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