Hot Investor Mandate: PE Firm With Virtual Pharma Model Invests in Promising Early Stage Therapeutic Assets Across the Globe, Providing Up to $25M in Funding

18 Aug

An innovative private equity firm and investment fund utilizes the virtual pharma (‘asset-centric’) model and invests in early stage pharmaceutical assets (i.e., small molecules and biologics, including cell and gene therapies), and provides up to $25 million, or more, to fund each project, typically through Phase 2 clinical proof-of-concept, before exiting through sales of successful assets to major pharmaceutical companies. The firm prefers to invest in individual assets through innovative deal structures, and is less likely to make traditional equity investments in companies. The company founders continue to lead development of their asset. Ideal investment candidates have yet to receive significant VC funding, and the firm prefers to invest without typical syndicates. The firm integrates each company’s founders and their asset into a dedicated special purpose vehicle and collaborates closely with them — providing broad and deep drug development expertise and resources to maximize product value. The firm invests in projects around the globe and aims to maintain an ongoing investment portfolio of 15-25 high quality assets.

The firm seeks biopharmaceutical drug assets — small molecules, biologics, and cell or gene therapies. The firm is willing to invest in drug candidates that are up to 12-18 months pre-IND, as well as those that are in, or have completed, Phase I clinical trial(s). Ideal candidates are ‘IND-ready’, patent-protected in all major pharma markets, and represent both potential solutions to major unmet medical needs and significant market potential. The firm is open to all therapeutic areas and indications for which proof-of-concept can be evaluated in early clinical trials, including single asset companies managed by small experienced teams.

The firm is looking to partner with founders and associates with a deep understanding of the science and pharmacology underlying their product, and who are willing to operate in a highly collaborative, virtual and global environment. Such willingness to collaborate is essential because the firm acts as a hands-on investor and partner — contributing its extensive drug development expertise, operational resources and industry connections to each company’s asset to ensure all assets are developed in the most efficient and effective manner, with a particular focus on early development de-risking.

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