Hot Investor Mandate: New Venture Fund With Strong Impact Angle Actively Seeks Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics Companies Addressing Pediatric Indications

1 Sep

A new venture fund is an impact investor focused on pediatric indications. Within this area, the firm is willing to invest in companies in therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices or digital health that help improve pediatric care. As an impact fund, the firm donates 10% of the General Partner’s Carry Interest to fund pediatric research. The firm generally makes initial investments of $3-5M and will invest globally. The firm looks to invest in 12-15 companies out of their first fund.

Within pediatric indications, the firm is interested in Oncology, Infectious Diseases and select Rare/Orphan indications. The firm will consider any technology that helps move care forward in these areas, either directly, as a therapeutic or other treatment device or diagnostic, or indirectly, as a digital health technology that helps support care or complements treatment. For therapeutics, the firm will invest in companies that are 12-18 months from IND. For diagnostics and medical devices, the firm would like to see a proof of concept or prototype. For digital health, some post pilot sales or evidence of market traction is preferred, as is a partnership with a strategic partner, with validation of the technology.

The firm can lead or co-invest, and looks to be a board observer for every portfolio company.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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