Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Firm Explores Investment and Strategic Partnership Opportunities That Align With Their Existing Products, Including Surgical Robotics

20 Oct

A firm based in the USA works with early stage startups using a variety of structures, including co-development, equity investments, licensing, and M&A. The firm works with startups that have a strategic alignment with their firm and/or fit their parameters for a venture investment. The firm is a multi-stage investor and is interested in new technologies worldwide.

The firm is interested in new technologies that are strategically related to the company’s existing robotics surgery systems. The firm is interested in instruments and accessories that can be attached or used with its robotic for use in minimally invasive surgical and endobronchial procedures, and in technologies that improve the dexterity, precision and safety of surgical robotics. Technologies that support the vision/scope abilities of the firm’s systems are an area of interest, including 3DHD technologies, imaging agents and devices that can be used in conjunction with robotics, and non-imaging tools such as AI that enhances surgical vision. Additionally, the firm is interested in devices and digital health technologies used by surgeons and hospitals, such as technologies to improve workflow for surgical suites or which provide surgeons with additional data. The firm is interested in any indication area in which robotics is applicable; cancer diagnosis and treatment is a core area of interest. The firm is interested in working with companies at any stage of development.

The firm Surgical is flexible regarding different types of partnership, and is focused on achieving strategic alignment with their partners. The firm typically works alongside the partner to achieve integration between their existing technology and the new technology. While the firm will consider very early stage opportunities, typically a working prototype or demo is required for assessment.

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