Hot Investor Mandate: Venture Firm Focused on Pediatric Indications Investing in All Sectors in Companies that Have Some Validation Data

29 Dec

The seed-stage VC fund headquartered on the West Coast and founded in 2020. The firm focuses exclusively on pediatrics, and will invest in all sectors. The firm invests out of an evergreen fund, and looks to invest $500k-1M in US-based companies that have raised some non-dilutive capital. Many of the firm’s portfolio companies come from The firm’s connections with incubators and universities. For stage of development, the firm prefers for device companies to have hit initial regulatory milestones, and for diagnostics and digital health companies to have had a pilot study. For therapeutics, the firm has a strong interest in repurposed drugs.

While the firm is agnostic to sector and subsector, they will only invest in companies whose primary indication is related to pediatrics, including orphan indications.

The firm is an active investor, and likes to play a role in helping the company advance. They tend to co-invest, and generally do not require a board seat.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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