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Hot Investor Mandate: Life Sciences VC With $1B AUM Invests in Therapeutics, With Strong Interests in Oncology, CNS, Rare Diseases, and More

7 Jan

A life sciences venture capital and company formation firm is currently investing from its second fund and has over $1B AUM. The firm will make equity investments of approximately $10–25 million across all stages of private financing and can either lead investments or co-invest. The firm considers investment opportunities worldwide.

The firm invests primarily in therapeutics and invests broadly across different therapeutic areas and modalities. Areas of high interest include precision medicine approaches, gene therapy, autoimmune diseases, oncology, neurology (particularly diseases with genetically defined populations), ophthalmology, and rare diseases. The firm generally invests from late preclinical (1–2 years pre-IND) through to Phase II, and prefers to invest in assets with good animal models and/or genetic evidence to support efficacy and target validation.

The firm generally invests in privately held companies and likes to work with experienced management teams who have had prior startup successes. The firm is an active investor and the partners have deep experience in company building, and we are therefore interested in providing support on strategy, BD, recruiting and other areas of active management in addition to providing capital.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm Invests Up to $10M, Focused Exclusively in New Investments in Oncology Therapies Across the Globe

17 Dec

A global investor exclusively focused on the development of oncology therapies is headquartered in Western Europe; the firm makes selective investments in early-stage drug development companies targeting cancer therapies that can bring solid proof of concept to the table. Typically, the firm invests in incorporated companies from late seed stage to early series B. The investment size will vary, and it can range from 3 to 10 million dollars with the possibility of investing lower amounts for seed stage companies. The firm may make 3-4 investments in the next year, depending on the opportunity. The firm has no geographic restriction and is actively seeking new investment opportunities across the globe.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking new investments targeting the development of oncology therapies, and is open to all types of therapeutic modalities and all indications within the oncology space, including platform technology that has a lead oncology therapeutic product. The firm will typically not invest in medical devices or diagnostics, unless as companion to a therapeutic solution. Project will be evaluated on solid preclinical proof-of-concept (late preclinical stage/pre-IND or early clinical), and will often fund the companies at least up to human proof-of-concept (clinical Phase Ib – Phase IIa).

Representative portfolio companies include: ARCUS Biosciences (Hayward, CA), developing small-molecule and antibody compounds targeting tumor related immune suppression, enhanced APC function and immune cell efficacy; Tusk Therapeutics (Stevenage, UK), developing novel immune modulating antibody therapeutics to harness the immune system against cancer; Octimet (Beerse, Belgium), a spin-out company from Janssen Pharmaceuticals developing a new generation of highly selective MET kinase activity inhibitors with augmented therapeutic index; Convert Pharmaceuticals (Liege, Belgium), developing hypoxia activated pro-cytotoxic small molecules; and Cristal Therapeutics (Maastricht, The Netherlands), developing a versatile nanoparticle platform which allows payload delivery in the tumor micro-environment.

The firm only invests in private companies with experienced management teams and breakthrough potential. The firm most often takes the responsibility to be lead investor, alone or in syndicate as the opportunity demands, and wants to be actively involved in the successful development and growth of the portfolio companies. To this end, the firm has several experts in oncology, intellectual property and drug development on the investment team and available to the portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Strategic Venture Arm of Large USA Health System Seeks to Partner With Early-Stage Medtech and Digital Health Opportunities

17 Dec

The strategic venture capital arm and innovation group of a large health system manages both a seed fund as well as a later-stage corporate venture fund, both dedicated to medtech and healthcare IT. In addition, the group also has an incubator and innovation group that looks to develop and integrate IP generated internally and externally that can be leveraged by the health system. Seed investments usually range from $100k – $500k with additional capital reserved for follow on investments, typically allocating up to $1.5M over the life of the investment. Later stage investments are usually in the range of $1M-$2M. The group is flexible in terms of structure but typically refers convertible notes for seed deals and straight equity for later-stage investments. The firm may lead investments or invest with a syndicate and looks to be active in portfolio companies’ development and add value at the board level as well as through integration into the health system.

The firm is exclusively focused on the medtech and digital health/healthcare IT sectors. The group is fairly opportunistic in these areas, but looks for technologies that can be leveraged by the health system. Both pre-revenue and pre-FDA approval devices, as well as commercial/revenue-generating companies, will be considered. The firm has no preference for regulatory pathway and has a particular interest in the cardio space.

The firm has historically focused on startups in the Midwestern United States, however, is looking more broadly and open to companies across the U.S. The group favors strong management teams that are open to working closely together.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Invests in Global Early-Stage Life Science Companies, With Strong Interest in Human Augmentation

17 Dec

An investment firm with several offices throughout the USA recently closed a new fund and is actively seeking new investment opportunities. The firm is focused on investing in Seed to Series A rounds, with initial check sizes ranging from $2-3M, and $5-10M reserved for follow-on investment. The firm invests in global opportunities.

The firm has a broad interest in life sciences and will consider opportunities in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and computationally enabled solutions, and is open to different types of modalities and indications. However, the firm does have a strong interest in human augmentation, which includes technologies dedicated to longevity and enhancing quality of life, cognition, enhancement, etc.

The firm’s management team is comprised of entrepreneurs who have been through the investment and fundraising process – the firm seeks companies run by driven entrepreneurs (open to both first-time and serial) whom they can work together based on mutual trust. The firm prefers to lead investment rounds and seek board representation, but is open to co-investing. The firm invests in a small number of companies and seeks to have a very active, hands-on role in their portfolio companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Venture Capital & Growth Equity Fund Invests Up to $20M in Clinical Stage Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics Across All Indications

17 Dec

A venture capital and growth equity firm making investments in life sciences will invest as early as Series A through growth transactions and is currently investing out of their first fund. The firm looks to invest between $10-20M per investment. The firm is looking for companies with clinical data and/or commercial products. The firm has a preference for funding companies that are repurposing existing approved technologies for new indications. The firm is willing to invest in therapeutics, medical device and diagnostics companies.

The firm has a primary focus on pharmaceuticals / therapeutics, and a secondary focus on medical device, diagnostics. The firm is agnostic to indication.

The firm plays an active role in their portfolio companies. The firm will take a board seat with any company in which they invest.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Cross-Border VC Fund Invests in Therapeutics, Devices, and Digital Health Technologies with USA & China Market Potential

10 Dec

A micro VC fund focuses on Angel to Series A stage companies across various sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare IT. The typical investment size is no more than $500,000, but the group will syndicate with other investors for larger investments. The firm looks to make investments in US companies with markets in US and/or China.

The firm is currently looking for new opportunities in the life science space. The fund is opportunistic in terms of sectors, subsectors and indications. The fund typically invests in seed round and series A rounds. Historically, the fund has been active in life science companies developing synthetic organelles-based research tools, nanoparticle research reagents and devices, web-based EMR system, proprietary screening and diagnostic tests for cancer, drug authentication platform and patient recovery technologies.

The firm focuses on investments in private companies and typically invests in pre-revenue companies with strong and experienced management team. The firm will take a board seat or observer seat occasionally, depending on the investments.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Group Focuses on Digital Health and Services, Most Interested in USA-Based Companies

10 Dec

An investor group focuses on healthcare IT, services and digital health from providers to consumers that changes the landscape of healthcare delivery. The firm prides itself in having built an ecosystem of qualified venture investors, corporate leaders and healthcare providers that open doors to strategic expertise and collaboration in the healthcare IT space. As an Angel-stage investor, the firm’s typical investment size can range, and can go from $100,000 to several million dollars. The firm also co-invests, and has made 24 series A/B investments so far, and is expecting 4-5 new investments and 4-5 repeat investments within the next year. The firm is open to companies throughout the USA, and has historically reviewed companies in Canada, though based on experience, prefer those that can manage the logistics of geographical distance.

The firm focuses on healthcare IT, service, and digital health from providers to consumers that have a working prototype with an early pilot traction. The firm seeks products that serve hospitals at all parts of the continuum care spectrum, reaching to chronic care services that are past discharge and into long-term outpatient care. The firm also invests in devices that go to the consumer, as well as software-enabled technologies, such as connection technologies (i.e. Bluetooth, cell phone, etc.). The firm prefers no FDA regulated devices, and looks at pre-revenue technology with a foreseen horizon in terms of potential. The firm is also open to biotools and lab equipment, as they have historically invested in software and service models in the genomics area and technologies that organize clinical trials.

While a management team must be in place, the firm has an experienced team of members with the ability to mentor and fill management teams with expertise. The firm typically takes a board seat after leading an investment.

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