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Hot Investor Mandate: Europe VC With Over $1B AUM Invests in Medtech, Digital Health, Life Science Tools Across All Stages of Development

15 Oct

A firm with multiple offices in Western Europe has over €1 billion in total assets under management. The firm typically invests €1-5 million in early-stage opportunities or up to €10 million in growth-stage opportunities. The firm is currently focused on companies based in Europe.

Within the life science sector, the firm is currently focused on medical technology, diagnostics, life science tools and platforms, and digital health across Europe. The firm is open to opportunities in any indication area and at any phase of development.

The firm is open to investing in companies at early stages with a proof-of-concept, clinically relevant data and/or strong IP positions.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Global Investment Firm Deploys Up to $15M in Private and Public Companies, With Strong Interests in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Metabolic Diseases, Etc.

8 Oct

A global healthcare and life science company drives value in private and public companies through operational and strategic direction as well as patient capital. The firm is headquartered in Western Europe and has an additional office in the USA. Given its structure and source of capital, the firm can acquire interests in early and late stage ventures without restriction on the location of opportunities. As a public company, the firm is a source of permanent capital. Average initial stakes range from $5M – $15M in the form of equity, with additional capital reserved for follow-on investments, The firm prefers to have a Board position in order to actively support the companies in which it invests.

The firm is focused on areas of unmet medical need, strongly favoring breakthrough and cutting-edge technologies over iterative or symptomatic treatments. The firm has particular interests in oncology (especially immuno-oncology), cardiovascular, metabolic, neuroscience indications, anti-infectives, gene therapy, and orphan diseases, as well as other therapeutic areas. The firm invests across the life cycle of development, from company formation through to companies with marketed products.

The firm is open to working with a variety of companies and entrepreneurs, but prefers management teams who have prior experience in the specific stage of development (clinical development, commercial strategy, etc.) and indication/area of their current venture. The firm also looks for startups companies with a strong BOD, SAB and support network (legal, back office, KOLs, etc.), though these are not prerequisites.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm With Global Offices Invests Up to $10M in Therapeutics and Medical Devices, Open to All Subsectors and Indications

8 Oct

An investment firm with offices in USA, Western Europe, and India, is actively seeking investment and partnership opportunities with therapeutics and medical device companies across the globe. In addition, the firm is interested in nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Typical size of initial investment is around $5M, though the firm is capable of investing up to $10M and this is largely dependent on a case-by-case. The firm is capable of funding up to ~40% of the required amount for late stage clinical trials. The firm is also interested in-licensing partnerships and seek licensing and marketing rights on opportunities in which the firm can add significant value.

Within therapeutics and medical devices, the firm is generally sector and indication agnostic. The firm is focused on later-stage opportunities with a low risk profile, usually companies in Phase IIb and beyond. However, the firm is very keen to speaking with earlier stage opportunities that demonstrate strong clinical data and high potential to enter the global market and building a long-term relationship with these groups. In terms of medical devices, the firm will invest in near market ready products. The firm generally does not invest in diagnostics or digital health.

The firm seeks to invest in companies with experienced management teams with domain expertise, strong clinical data, and a clear exit strategy. The firm has an extensive professional network including fellow investors, high net worth individuals, clinical trial/regulatory affairs partners, etc. The firm takes a very active role in supporting their portfolio companies and provides mentorship and support on regulatory issues, market access, and effective clinical development strategies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Private Wealth Firm Invests in Early-Stage Medical Device and Digital Health Companies, Open to Global Opportunities as Early as Pre-Prototype

8 Oct

A private wealth investment firm invests globally in medically related early-stage companies. Initial size of investment largely varies depending on the deal’s stage of development and other involved investors.

The firm invests in medtech and digital health companies. The firm is generally opportunistic and will consider any promising technologies that address unmet medical need. The firm has looked at AI companies, digital health/software companies implementable in medical practices, etc. In terms of stage of development, the firm is open to investing as early as pre-prototype, given that the company has properly researched the idea behind their technology.

The firm has no specific company or management team requirements. While the firm generally co-invests alongside a syndicate, the firm has led a financing before and is open to acting as the lead investor if the firm determines that they could add significant value.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Canadian Firm Interested In Medical Devices & Diagnostics Companies With Large Social Impact, Investing Early as Conceptual Stages of Development

8 Oct

A venture philanthropy firm located in Canada seeks to fund diagnostics and medical device companies that have a large social impact. The firm looks to invest early, even during conceptual stages. The firm’s main focus is on the entrepreneur. The firm typically invests between $2.5 million to $5 million in one company per year and remains highly involved throughout the development of the company. The firm will consider investing in companies located in North America.

The firm is interested in companies within the medical device or diagnostics space. The firm is both subsector and indication agnostic, looking instead at the social impact of the technology. Previous investments include two in vitro cancer diagnostics companies and a company developing a novel treatment for major depressive disorder. The firm will not consider investing in therapeutics.

The firm funds entrepreneurs first and ideas second. The firm looks for driven entrepreneurs and invests in them.

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Hot Mandate : New York VC Firm Invests in US-Based Early to Mid-Stage Medical Device Companies

1 Oct

A venture capital firm based in New York is seeking to make seed, venture, and growth equity investments in early to mid-stage medical device companies. The firm can allocate anywhere from $1M to $10M per company, but generally allocates around $8M. The firm typically does 3 rounds of financing with an initial investment of around $3M. The firm is geographically agnostic, but highly prefers to invest in companies that are based in the US. The firm seeks to make about 3-4 allocations in the next 6-9 months.

The firm is currently looking for medical device companies with a strong emphasis on products with a 510(k) regulatory pathway. In terms of subsectors, the firm is looking for products specifically in the areas of interventional radiology and cardiology, spine/orthopedics and minimally invasive surgery. The firm is generally opportunistic in terms of indication.

The firm is looking to invest in companies with a management team with a track record of success in the healthcare industry. However, the firm is generally flexible and does not require a full management team. The firm can assemble the management team over the course of the investment.

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Hot Mandate: Boston Based Family Office Seeks US-Based Healthcare IT, Medical Devices and Diagnostics

1 Oct

A family office based in Boston, Massachusetts is currently interested in investing into privately held companies in the life science space. The firm is very flexible and nimble due to its capital base and is able to make investments ranging anywhere from $500,000 to $20 million and more into a given company. The firm is currently looking for companies located throughout the United States. The firm generally would only act as a co-investor from companies located outside the United States.

The firm is open to sectors and subsectors in the life science space including Health Care IT, Medical Devices, Diagnostics. For devices and diagnostics, the firm is looking for companies that have significant clinical data. Current portfolio companies include those working with antiviral therapies, cloud-based laboratory services, anticoagulant therapies, orthotics and prosthetics, medical devices and diagnostics for male lower urinary tract symptoms, and therapeutics for dermatology and aesthetics.

The firm is looking for companies with experienced management teams and generally looks to take a board seat following investment. Due to the firm’s capital base they can be more flexible in terms of investment timeframe and have a longer exit horizon than other investors.

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