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Hot Investor Mandate: USA VC Fund Invests Up to $10M in High Growth Healthcare IT Companies That Deliver Value-Based Care

23 Jul

A venture capital fund based in USA leads investments in high growth, mostly US-based Healthcare IT, SaaS, PaaS and technology-enabled service businesses. The firm has a flexible model to right-size equity investments with initial investments typically around $10M. The firm is active in governance and seeks to remain involved through multiple financing rounds. The fund targets a 5-year investment window.

The fund investments are focused on a few key themes in businesses that improve the human condition and deliver value-based care.  It seeks investments in B2B or B2B2C companies with proven business models and experienced teams pursuing end-market opportunities large enough to support creation of companies with $1B in enterprise value. Thematic areas of focus include personalized medicine, patient navigation, referral management, and enablement of payer-provider risk sharing.

The firm is open to work with management teams with various levels of experience. The fund does seek a board seat along with investment and prefers to be fairly involved with the management team and strategy of the company. The fund does not purchase secondary shares of a company.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Newly Founded Venture Arm of Global Advisory Firm Invests in Early-Stage Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health Companies

16 Jul

A venture arm of a global advisory dedicated to healthcare with practices across regulatory and clinical affairs, market access and HEOR strategy consulting, and investment banking uses its experience in the industry to invest in promising early stage companies developing medical devices, diagnostics or digital health technologies. The firm invests at the seed stage, and serves as a strategic investor as much as a financial investor, using industry knowledge and contacts to help companies grow. The firm will generally invest between $250K-1M in companies that have some proof of concept and IP. The firm will invest globally.

The firm invests in medical device, diagnostics and digital health companies. While the firm is generally agnostic to subsector and indication, it tends to avoid companies with a long time to exit. In addition, while the firm is willing to consider all types of medical devices, they are less likely to invest in PMA devices at this stage.

The firm is a very active investor, and thus takes a board seat, even if just an observer position, to lend their expertise. The firm can lead or coinvest, but tends to coinvest, and can help build a syndicate with their contacts.

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Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based Corporation Seeks Strategic Investment & Partnership Opportunities in Early-Stage Therapeutics in Cardiovascular Disease, Oncology, and More

16 Jul

Headquartered in China, a publicly traded corporation (SHA:600535) is dedicated to building a top-tier, modern, and international brand in pharmaceutical products. The firm provides modernized traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), small molecule and biological drugs. The firm is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and bio-techs from domestic and overseas in the abovementioned therapeutic areas. The firm considers a board range of strategies including strategic investment, joint venture, acquisition, licensing, and co-development.

The firm is looking for strategic partnerships in chemical drugs and biological drugs. The firm is open to products at clinical to launched stages in therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, oncology, diabetes, liver disease and so on.

The firm is looking to build collaborative partnerships with experienced teams in key strategic sectors.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Life Sciences Investment Fund Partnered with a Family Office Invests in Seed Stage Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics, Life Science Tools Technologies in USA

16 Jul

A life sciences investment fund dedicated to accelerating the growth of seed-stage therapeutics companies. In partnership with a family investment office, the firm seeks to make 2-3 new investments by the end of 2020, allocating up to $250,000 per company. The firm invests in companies based in the U.S.

The firm is seeking investments in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and life science tools. For therapeutics companies, the firm prefers treatments for diseases with well-defined etiologies, as well as clear method of action that are in late pre-clinical stage. For diagnostics, device and life science tools, the firm invests in companies that are approaching clearance and/or market launch.

The firm does not have any specific company or management team requirements. The firm is a strategic as well as financial investor, helping companies develop relationships and accelerate growth.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Taiwan-Based Investment Firm Invests Globally into Therapeutics Platforms, Devices, and Services

16 Jul

A biotech early stage investment firm headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan invests from an Evergreen Fund backed by a Family Office. The firm has a fund size of $50M and an average ticket size range from $250K to $1M. The firm mainly focuses on early-stage biotechnology and medical device companies and is looking to invest in seed to pre-A round.

The firm is looking for new investment opportunities across a wide spectrum of life science sectors. The current pipeline includes biotechnology platforms, medical devices, therapeutics and service platforms.

The firm does not have any specific requirements for companies and their management teams.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Canada VC Firm Invests in Early-Stage Technologies that Enable Higher Quality Personalized Treatments, Open to Global Opportunities

9 Jul

A venture capital firm with offices in Canada will invest around 80% in Canada-based life science companies and 20% in USA/global companies. The firm will generally participate in Series A financing rounds and beyond, including crossover and IPO; average check sizes will be around $5-10M. In addition, the firm is also dedicated to company incubation and creation for which the firm will work with earlier stage companies and deploy smaller amounts of capital.

The firm has a general theme of investing in technologies that can enhance the quality and accuracy of diagnoses, enable more precise and personalized treatments, targeted therapies such as cell & gene therapy, technologies that leverage AI to accelerate therapeutic development, etc. In terms of sector, the firm seeks to invest 50-60% in therapeutics, 20-30% in medical devices, and 10-15% in AI/digital health/diagnostics. For medical devices, the firm prefers later stage opportunities that are close to commercialization. The firm does not focus on any particular indication area.

The firm does not have specific company or management team requirements. While the firm likes to see management teams with a successful track record and wide range of experiences, this is not required and the firm is open to working on inexperienced management teams. The firm is capable of leading or co-leading investment rounds, and is also open to co-investing with likeminded investors. The firm is very hands-on and leverages their network to actively support the growth of their portfolio companies and provide needed resources.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based VC Invests Up to $25M in Therapeutics & Platform Technologies From Pre-Clinical to Phase 3 in All Indication Areas

9 Jul

A venture capital firm founded in the USA closed its first fund in 2017 and is actively seeking new investment opportunities. The fund will make 15-20 investments in total with no set number of investments per year. The firm will be actively involved in their portfolio companies and will invest up to $25 million over the life of each portfolio company. Initial check sizes will depend on the company’s stage of development and their needs prior to investment. The firm will invest in North American or European companies.

The firm is focused solely on therapeutics and therapeutic platforms. The fund will invest at any stage of development from preclinical / discovery stage through Phase 3 clinical, and will invest in all therapeutic areas.

The firm can work with companies at all stages of their evolution. The firm’s team has the capability and experience to build companies from the ground up, however generally gets involved with at least the beginnings of a management team in place. The firm can both lead and co-invest along syndicates and will generally seek board representation in portfolio companies.

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