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Hot Investor Mandate: Cross-Border Fund Makes Venture Stage Investments in Life Science Startups

11 Jul

A Venture Capital company with offices in the US and Switzerland is currently looking to make investments out of its 6th fund. For its earlier stage investments, the firm is looking to make venture-stage investment generally falling in the range of $2-$10 million, although the firm may invest smaller amounts in certain seed-stage opportunities, or more in other cases. The firm also reserves additional capital for follow on rounds. The firm is most interested in companies based in the US and Europe, although they will invest in Australia, East Asia and Israel as well. The firm could make as many as 7-12 investments over the next year.

The firm invests primarily (80%) in therapeutics, with the rest of their investments in diagnostics and medical devices. Within the therapeutics space the firm has historically invested mostly in the oncology space, but are open to all indications. The firm is willing to invest in small molecules, biologics, and cell and gene therapy. The firm is willing to consider opportunities from preclinical through phase III, and, in some cases, may even form a company around several assets of interest. For medical device companies the firm generally looks for companies with a strategy for the European market due to regulatory considerations.

The firm is willing to either lead or co-invest, depending on the deal and the size of their investment. When acting as a lead investor, the firm does seek board representation, but is also willing to be a more passive investor as part of a syndicate.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Seed Fund Invests in Life Science Platforms, Focusing on Computational Bio, DNA and Cellular Engineering

27 Jun

A seed-stage venture fund focusing on the frontiers of the intersection of science and technology is looking for companies that are changing the market standards through innovative approaches. The firm is interested in US-based companies and generally invests in seed-series A rounds, typically when less than $5m is being raised. The firm invests in pre-clinical/in development technologies but prefers there to be proof-of-concept data. For medical devices, the firm will consider devices in the 510k regulatory pathway. For all investments, the firm prefers that there is a deep data science or computational element to the technology being commercialized. The firm will generally invest between $250,000-1M, and will often connect companies to larger funds for later capital raises.

The firm is agnostic to sector and indication, and will also consider platform technologies. However, the firm is looking for companies that use DNA and cellular engineering technologies for diagnostics and therapeutics. Ideally, these technologies are also leveraging computation to accomplish their ends. The firm is not interested in standard therapeutics approaches such as small molecules. For medical devices, the firm is looking for devices that change the paradigms of care, solving an unmet need with a unique approach.

The firm does not require a board seat when investing. Rather, the firm will be as involved as necessary to help the company succeed, whether through personal intervention or through a connection to an external expert.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Global Corporate VC Invests in Orthopedics and Nutritional Health

27 Jun

The corporate venture capital arm of a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials makes equity investments into seed and venture stage companies generally taking less than 25% ownership. The firm makes allocations ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to $5 million initially with additional capital held for future financing rounds. The firm is looking to make approximately 5-10 investments over the next 6-9 months with +10 being made over the next 2 years. The firm invests in companies located around the globe with a focus on the U.S., Europe and Israel.

Where it comes to Biomedical, the firm is looking for materials science companies in orthopedics and soft tissue repair. The firm also actively invests in human nutritional health, with a specific focus on companies active in personalized nutrition, and companies developing nutritional products. While the firm has invested in companies all the way from seed to PIPE, they generally invest into companies that have products in development or early stage commercialization.

The firm highly values experience in a firms management team and generally looks to take a board seat and play an active role in its portfolio companies. The firm is looking for companies that are interested in cooperation/alignment with their core businesses.

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