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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based VC Firm Invests in Early-Stage Technologies from Seed to Series A, Most Interested in Intersection of Life Science and Technology

8 Sep

A venture capital firm based in the USA is focused on investing in early-stage companies at the intersection of life sciences and technology, with an emphasis on neuroscience. The firm is interested in enabling technologies, biotech platforms, pharma tools, digital health, and health IT related to this area, and is currently looking to either lead or co-invest as part of a syndicate. The firm plans to invest in Seed and Series A rounds, with companies with proof-of-concept data. The firm will make $0.25-2M initial investments, and is currently focused on the US.

The firm will invest in therapeutic platforms, pharma tools, services, health IT, and digital health companies that are related to neuroscience and other related therapeutic areas including oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

The firm is currently looking to lead or co-invest, and may take a board or observer seat, depending on the deal size, portfolio priorities, and operational needs.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Global VC With Unique Model to Support Early-Stage Companies Invests in First-In-Class & Bet-In-Class Innovations in Microbiome, Gene Editing, and More

1 Sep

A global venture capital fund headquartered in Asia has a strong focus in the microbiome and adjacent fields. Atypical for a VC, the firm has multiple mechanisms to support early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition to equity investments, they have a sponsored research function that provides grants for academics or startups conducting fundamental research, which may lead to future pipelines or new companies. They are also involved in developing a deep phenotyping platform that follows changes in the microbiome of healthy participants for an extended period of time.

For capital investments, the firm is stage and country agnostic but tends to prefer earlier stages (Seed and Series A). Their interest within the microbiome field is diverse and not limited to therapeutics.  As scientists, entrepreneurs, and operators themselves, the firm fundamentally values the underlying science, team, as well as potential synergy with their mission and existing portfolio companies. Moreover, for startups looking to enter Japanese or Asian markets, the firm provides additional value through their extensive networks and track record of launching businesses in these geographies.

The firm is looking to partner with groups addressing complex challenges with the potential to impact society globally, with a preference for first-in-class or best-in-class innovations. While not exclusive, their current areas of high interest are: 1) skin microbiome/gut-skin axis, 2) women’s and infant microbiome, 3) gut-brain axis, 4) phage therapy, gene editing, and virome.  That said, the firm is open to any promising opportunities, even if they are not directly focused on the microbiome, provided they include amazing teams with a global vision to positively impact society.

The firm is looking for companies and technologies that can move its mission forward and have multiple options for funding, including equity investing and non-dilutive funding. They usually prefer syndicate investments with a smaller cheque size as an initial investment but may lead with substantial follow-on investments once the relationship is established.

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Hot Investor Mandate: New Venture Fund With Strong Impact Angle Actively Seeks Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics Companies Addressing Pediatric Indications

1 Sep

A new venture fund is an impact investor focused on pediatric indications. Within this area, the firm is willing to invest in companies in therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices or digital health that help improve pediatric care. As an impact fund, the firm donates 10% of the General Partner’s Carry Interest to fund pediatric research. The firm generally makes initial investments of $3-5M and will invest globally. The firm looks to invest in 12-15 companies out of their first fund.

Within pediatric indications, the firm is interested in Oncology, Infectious Diseases and select Rare/Orphan indications. The firm will consider any technology that helps move care forward in these areas, either directly, as a therapeutic or other treatment device or diagnostic, or indirectly, as a digital health technology that helps support care or complements treatment. For therapeutics, the firm will invest in companies that are 12-18 months from IND. For diagnostics and medical devices, the firm would like to see a proof of concept or prototype. For digital health, some post pilot sales or evidence of market traction is preferred, as is a partnership with a strategic partner, with validation of the technology.

The firm can lead or co-invest, and looks to be a board observer for every portfolio company.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based VC Firm Seeks to Invest in Medical Devices and Smart Manufacturing Technologies With Strong IP, Includes Strong Expertise in Asian Markets

1 Sep

A venture capital firm headquartered in USA currently manages 3 funds, and also has an advisory business that is solely dedicated for companies trying to enter the Asian market. The firm has a focus on early-stage investments (pre-Series A to Series B) and has portfolio companies spread over the USA. The firm’s initial investment size varies, but typically falls under the $250K – 2.5M range and is dedicated to follow-on financings of existing portfolio companies. The firm invests only in USA and Canada.

Within life sciences/healthcare, the firm is most interested in medical devices and smart manufacturing in life sciences, and is much more selective when it comes to biotech or therapeutics investments. Most importantly, the firm is focused on assessing the company’s patent status and the degree of novelty. While the firm is agnostic to stage of development, ideally the companies should have a working prototype and significant key data that validates the high potential of their technology. In terms of different types of technologies or diseases areas/indications, the firm is opportunistic.

The firm has no specific management team requirements, but considers patent strategy key in reviewing potential investments. Companies should have key patents issued or a clear strategy on improving their IP portfolio. The firm has great expertise in helping USA/Canada-based companies enter Asian markets (i.e. greater China) and extend their IP coverage. The firm can act as either lead or co-investor and will seek a board seat if they come in as a lead investor.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC With Offices in Canada Most Interested in Early-Stage Digital Health Companies, but Seeks to Invest in Devices and Diagnostics With Digital Component

1 Sep

A venture capital firm with offices in Canada is looking to participate in the Seed to Series B financings of early-stage companies with typical investments between USD 0.5 million and USD 5 million. The firm is currently operating out of its second fund in which it has made three investments after making thirteen investments out of its inaugural fund. The firm participates in equity investments including SAFEs and convertible notes. The firm invests primarily in companies based in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Israel.

The firm is primarily interested in investing in companies in the digital health sector but will also consider the medical and diagnostic devices sectors that have a digital component to them. The firm is open to all modalities within the digital health but requires that the technologies be patient facing or have a patient component. The firm will not consider investments in biotech or pharma but will consider digital therapeutics. The firm is phase agnostic and will invest in development as well as on the market technologies. The firm will only invest in Class I and Class II (510k) medical devices, avoiding Class III (PMA). The firm is disease agnostic and will consider companies across all indications but prefers that there is ample market size for the technology to be revenue generating.

The firm prefers to work with experienced management teams. The firm looks to invest in companies in which the founder has a significant stake in the business. The firm is an active and strategic investor and will take a board seat as determined by check size on a case-by-case basis. The firm will participate both as a lead and co-investor.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Investment Firm Actively Seeks to Invest in Therapeutics Companies or Devices/Diagnostics With a Therapeutic Component

25 Aug

A venture capital investment firm founded in 2020 by experienced investment professionals and headquartered in the USA is currently operating out of its inaugural fund and is actively looking for deal flow. Typical investment size ranges from USD 0.5 million to USD 2 million. Investment strategy at the firm is evolving but currently the firm participates in equity investments only. The firm looks to partner with early-stage companies and is open to global opportunities but will typically focus on opportunities in the United States.

The firm is interested in investing in therapeutics companies, or companies in other sectors that have a therapeutic component. Within therapeutics the firm will consider assets from pre-clinical to pre-IND filing and generally prefers to see some type of proof-of-concept data. Within medical devices and diagnostics, the firm invests in technologies that are pre-commercial and is open to all classes of medical devices including Class II (510k) and Class III (PMA). The firm is disease agnostic and will invest in companies throughout all indications including those in orphan diseases.

The firm is open to working with experienced management teams. The firm looks to work with management teams that are ambitious and able to work together and execute well. The firm takes an active role in the companies in which it invests; however, the firm currently only looks to co-invest.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Private Investment Firm with Healthtech-Focused Fund Invests in Early-Stage Digital Health Technologies Dedicated to Better Healthcare Delivery

25 Aug

A private investment firm launched a healthtech-focused fund to invest in early stage companies that are developing innovations that can significantly reduce healthcare costs. The firm makes equity investments where the investment size is highly variable depending on the stage of development and particular need of each company. The firm invests in companies that are based in the US and is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm focuses on early-stage digital health projects that could substantially lower the cost of healthcare delivery in the United States. Examples of good candidates include projects that help consumers make more informed decisions when selecting local service providers (cost transparency); use remote monitoring technology to help patients better manage illness; that provide more meaningful tracking of health metrics for patients (health and wellness analytics); or initiatives at the intersection of molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics that comb genetic blueprints for clinically-relevant patterns (precision medicine).

The firm is an active and engaged investor, and can act as either a lead or co-investor. The firm prefers to lead investments in seed rounds.

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