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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm with Ties to the Chinese Government Invests Up to $10M in Therapeutics and Medtech Companies with Strong China Market Potential

13 Sep

A venture capital firm founded in 2016 focused on cross-border investments. When investing, the firm doesn’t only provide financial capital, they also provide their global consulting services focused specifically on helping companies work across borders and in China. Currently, the firm is partnered with the Chinese Government to bring promising projects from North America to China and are focused on technologies that are at an advanced stage with patents that are willing to launch in Chinese markets or to set up factories and labs in China. The firm is however, willing to invest smaller amounts in good opportunities that have no interest/fit for the Chinese markets as well. The firm’s major focus within the life sciences is biotech and is focused on seed to series B rounds. The firm generally invests up to $10M USD for Series A deals, is flexible for series B rounds, and invests up to $1M USD for seed stage rounds.

Within the Life Sciences space, the firm is specifically focused on clinical tests, therapeutics, and other biotech technologies. The firm is also interested in medical devices focusing on large disease areas within China such as diabetes and cancer. Additionally, the firm is focused on technologies within these sectors that have a good fit with the Chinese Market or have a strong interest in working in China.

When investing, the firm looks to take a board seat. The firm provides consulting, localization services, and the ability to leverage resources in China to help the company grow alongside their direct equity investment and believe that these abilities can be best leveraged with a board seat.

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Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Investment Firm Invests in Global Therapeutics and Medical Device Technologies that Address Unmet Medical Needs

30 Aug

A venture capital firm based in the USA manages 5 funds for with its most recently fund having had its first close in 2017. The firm looks to provide up to $3-4 million of preferred equity capital in the initial round and up to $6 million over the life of the investment. The firm is very flexible in terms of period to exit but generally looks to exit in around 5 years. The firm will consider companies globally.

The firm is currently looking for companies developing Therapeutics and Medical Technology. Within therapeutics which is the firms primary focus, companies with an asset anywhere from preclinical with positive animal data to Phase II will be considered. The firm is generally open to all technology types and indications with the exception of wound care and psychiatry. Within devices, the firm is currently looking for market approved product with early revenue; however, devices are not an investment priority at present. The firm is looking for companies targeting true un-met medical needs where either no treatment currently exists or the existing standard of care is wrought with side-effects and other impediments to quality care.

The firm does not have any specific requirement for a firm’s management team although they are an active investor looking to take a seat on the company’s board. The firm -generally tends to lead or co-lead investments into selected companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Korean Pharmaceutical Seeks Novel Therapeutic Candidates Across CNS, Oncology, Liver Disease, and Other Indications Globally

30 Aug

A pharmaceutical company based in Seoul with annual sales of about $140 million with more than 600 employees has several clinical pipelines under global phase II in the area of CNS and diabetes, CNS clinical pipeline under phase III in Korea, and a late preclinical stage oncology product as well as an early preclinical candidates targeting TEC kinase family developed in-house.

The firm’s current marketing portfolio are mostly made of branded products licensed in from overseas partners. The firm is actively searching for innovative candidates and products around the world to incorporate into its pipeline and product portfolio. The firm has ample experience across various types of partnerships with overseas companies and is flexible in terms of the business structure. The firm is interested globally, including world-wide major territories.

The firm is currently seeking promising novel therapeutic candidates to incorporate into its pipeline. In terms of indications, the firm is indication agnostic with added interest in movement disorders, CNS, liver disease and immunology. The firm is also interested in oncology indications (small molecule or biologics with novel MoA). The firm prefers assets both in early/late non-clinical development stage as well as in early clinical development stage. The firm is also interested in obtaining distribution rights for innovative treatment in Phase III or in marketing authorization process.

The firm is open to working with companies anywhere in the world, and has no set requirements for partners; the firm is able to work with virtual drug companies by leveraging the firm’s own capabilities and third party relationships.

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