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Hot Investor Mandate: Private Investment Firm Invests Up to $10M in USA or Europe-Based Companies Across All Life Science Sectors, Typically Investing at Seed Stage

16 Feb

A private investment office is actively involved in the management of a diverse portfolio of investments in private equity and venture capital.

The firm accelerates commercialization of ground-breaking innovation through investments, experienced hands-on management and the intelligent use of partnering. The firm focuses on a number of areas around which it has build teams of senior execs, world leading experts and advisors drawn from industry, finance, academia and regulatory bodies to support and accelerate its ventures.

In Life Sciences, the firm typically invests at seed stage or before a company has been formed and develop these early opportunities through preclinical phase; at late preclinical/early clinical stage the firm gets co-investors involved. The firm prefers areas where there are multiple capital efficient routes to market, with opportunities for early proof of concept or early out-licensing or exits.

Currently, the firm manages a $150M fund and makes investments from $100K to $10M, depending on the opportunity. The firm is seeking a couple of opportunities to add to its portfolio. The firm invests in companies based in the USA and/or Europe.

The firm is sector- and stage- agnostic. In terms of biotech indications, the firm has invested in anti-infectives and particularly antimicrobial resistance, as well as immuno-modulatory anti-inflammatory indications and orphan and rare diseases.

The firm looks for a strong management team with proven track-record and a ground-breaking technology addressing an unmet need. The firm seeks to take significant stakes and board seats. In addition, the firm may provide active support leveraging its network of senior execs, experts and advisors to accelerate the development.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Large Holding Company With Multiple Investment Vehicles Seeks to Invest in Software-Based Digital Health Companies Targeting the USA Market

9 Feb

An investment group with multiple investment vehicles manages approx. $1.5B targeted on healthcare and life science under management. The firm launched a new vehicle in 2020 to invest in digital health technologies. The group will invest $1-2M, mainly in seed-series A companies developing software-based digital technologies. While the firm will invest globally, they are looking for companies targeting the US market.

The firm is interested in software-based digital health companies. The group will not invest in wearables or smart devices. The firm invests primarily in B2B or B2B2C companies, and looks for technologies that have clear cost saving or revenue generating aspect for clients.

The firm is a very active investor, leveraging their network and broad-cross sector activity to help their portfolio companies. The group is looking for companies that, at minimum, have a viable understanding of the US healthcare market.

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Hot Investor Mandate: VC & Growth Equity Firm Actively Seeks Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health, Investing Up to $30M Over the Company’s Life Cycle

9 Feb

A venture capital and growth equity firm providing expertise and funding to companies with global ambitions in healthcare technologies. The firm is headquartered in Western Europe with teams in the US. The firm is currently making investments from a relatively new fund closed in 2021. The firm prefers to be the lead investor and possibly co-lead, seeking to allocate US$20-30 million (in equity) per company through subsequent rounds of investment. The firm invests in growth-stage companies that are based in the US and Europe and is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm invests in medical devices, digital health, and diagnostic technologies. The firm focuses on companies that can address a specific unmet medical need or deliver considerable improvements to care delivery. Innovative healthcare technologies with a therapeutic focus are of high interest. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications and seeks companies that are in commercial ramp-up.

The firm requests a board seat in each portfolio company and generally holds a significant minority stake. Companies seeking investment should be led by a strong and experienced management team and have the support of technical experts in the relevant technology.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe-Based Investment Firm Seeks Global Investments in Therapeutics and Diagnostics Focusing on Age-Related Diseases

9 Feb

An investment firm headquartered in Western Europe, with additional offices in USA and Asia, has a fund dedicated to investing in 25-28 companies in Seed to Series A financing rounds. The firm seeks to invest in innovations directly related to the prevention of age-associated diseases, extension of a healthy lifespan, and improving the performance of humans and animals. The firm’s initial check size can range from $500K – 1.5M, and the firm is open to global opportunities.

Within life sciences, the firm is most interested in therapeutics and diagnostics companies, and will also consider digital health. Medical devices with traditional regulatory pathways are generally out of scope for the firm. Within these sectors, interest areas can include gene therapy, telomere attrition, proteostasis, regenerative medicine, personalized diagnostics/biomarkers, preventative therapies, cognitive enhancement, and more. That said, the firm has no strong interest in particular technologies and is open to all modalities. The firm is also opportunistic in terms of stage of development.

The firm seeks companies with strong, protectable IP with clear origins and ownership, backed by a diverse team with a strong track record and technologies with validated proof of concept. The firm has a 3-step due diligence process which includes: (1) initial review, (2) additional review – where the firm looks more closely into main differentiating factors of the company (IP, business model, etc.), and (3) final review. The firm is open to leading, co-leading, or co-investing, and has a strong co-investment and syndication network of likeminded investors.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm With Global Offices Supports Life Science Companies on Funding Clinical Trials, Most Focused on Therapeutics But Open to Other Sectors

9 Feb

A firm headquartered in Asia with offices in US and Europe invests specifically in companies that are raising funds to carry out clinical trials which can be performed, totally or in part, in an affiliated network of sites located in Europe and Asia. The firm typically invests alongside lead investors with a track record in biotech or medtech, and usually funds a large fraction of clinical trial costs. The firm can fund up to 10-15 trials per year. The size of investments is flexible, scaled to the clinical trial requirements, and will mostly range from 1 to 6 million USD/EUR. Investments made by the firm will fund work performed by a top-tier FDA-inspected network of sites offering clinical studies and CRO services to major pharma companies.

Although focused primarily on therapeutics, the firm also consider diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health companies. The firm is generally indication-agnostic but has a keen interest in fields such as diabetes, pulmonology, ophthalmology and some cancers. The firm is primarily interested in companies running Phase I / Phase II clinical trials or equivalent.

The firm looks to act as a co-investor and will typically not require a board seat. The firm will more often invest when there is a lead investor on board. The firm has no specific requirements for the management team.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Global Life Sciences Solutions Provider Seeks to Partner With and Invest in Early-Stage Companies Developing Diagnostics & Life Science Research Tools

2 Feb

A global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets provides services, equipment, and support solutions to laboratories worldwide. The firm has an early stage partnership program that works with, and potentially invests in, early proof-of-concept to revenue stage companies that are a strategic fit to Agilent’s core products and services. Apart from financial investing, the firm provides strategic support to the companies with whom they partner. While the firm will partner globally, it has primarily partnered with US and European companies to this point.

The firm partners with early stage companies that provide game-changing tools, technologies and applications to advance the Life Science Research, Clinical Research and Diagnostic markets. Within these markets, the firm is especially interested in the fields of Bioproduction Instrumentation, Cell & Gene Therapy Tools, Cellular Engineering and Analysis, Genomics, Lab Data Analytics & Informatics, Molecular Diagnostics and Sample Preparation. The firm is currently not considering therapeutics or medical devices. The firm has partnered with companies early in proof of concept and up to revenue-generating companies.

The firm’s Early Stage Partnership program will only invest in companies that are a strategic fit, but operates as a financial investor, separating any strategic partnerships from the financial investing.

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Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Arm Branched Out of a Life Sciences Consulting Firm Seeks to Invest in Novel Therapeutics, Medtech, etc. Addressing Unmet Medical Need

2 Feb

A newly established venture capital firm headquartered in Western Europe is tied with a dedicated life sciences consulting firm with multiple offices throughout USA, Europe, and Asia. With the capability to leverage the experienced resources from the consulting firm, the firm is able to invest in and support in early-stage technologies with a derisked strategy. The firm has a pan-European focus and is sourcing globally within industry, start-up communities, and business accelerators, for high potential opportunities.

The firm is interested in proprietary, differentiated therapeutic products addressing high-unmet medical need and platform technologies supporting next-generation patient diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention. The interest areas also include genomics, AI, diagnostics, medical devices, rare diseases, next generation personalized medicine, and more. The firm is interested in early-stage opportunities – pre-clinical assets with a valid proof of concept, devices with a working prototype are all good fits in terms of stage of development.

The firm will look at each opportunity carefully, and is most interested in those with business potential with a 3-5 year runway to strategic partnerships, acquisition by large life science companies or an IPO. The firm will prefer to lead investments and will take a very active role in their portfolio companies, often being involved in the operations of these companies to support their growth and enabling research that generates important, proof-of-concept data.

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