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Compelling New Technology Startups Selected, RESI X Innovation Challenge

18 Aug

By Dennis Ford, CEO of LSN; Creator of RESI Conference Series

As RESI comes back to Boston for its 10th conference, we’re excited to announce the early stage life science companies that will be participating in the event’s RESI Innovation Challenge.

The 30 participating companies have been hand-selected by LSN’s scientific review committee based on the innovative nature of their core technology and how well-positioned each is to capitalize on their respective market opportunities. The selected companies, two thirds of which have received funding from various NIH institutes, cover all corners of the life science domain including therapeutics, medtech, diagnostics and digital health.


ADT-500t Duophos-500t Laurent-Pharmaceuticals-500t
Mitochondrial-Substrate-Invention-500t Novoron-500t PrimeVax-500t

Technology Platform


Medical Device

Digital Health

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