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Hot Investor Mandate: Hong Kong PE Firm Seeks to Invest Up to $10 M in Clinically Validated Medical Device and Diagnostics Products with China Angle

12 Jul

A PE firm that is headquartered in Hong Kong with additional offices throughout China currently manages over US$4 billion in assets and invests across several industry sectors including healthcare. The firm is interested in pre-growth and growth stage companies. Typical investment size ranges from US$5-10 million in Series A rounds. The firm seeks to lead but is open to syndicating with co-investors. The firm is now looking for opportunities in China, the US, and Canada.

Within healthcare, the firm focuses on medical devices and diagnostic technologies that have a China angle. The firm prefers products that have achieved clinical validation with proven advantages. The firm is also interested in clinical-stage biopharmaceutical opportunities as well as health information technology. The firm is opportunistic in terms of indication areas but is less interested in orphan diseases.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with track record of success. The firm typically requests board representation in its portfolio companies.

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Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Health Insurance Provider Seeking Shipping Medical Devices/Diagnostics

10 Jul

A US based Health Insurance Provider makes investments in healthcare companies from an evergreen investment fund.  Allocation sizes are highly varied, but are most often $3-5 million.  While the firm is open to opportunities globally, the organization only invests in companies that are targeting the US healthcare market (including companies with products that have been commercialized in other markets and are seeking capital to expand into the US market).

The firm invests in transformative medical technologies that will lower the cost of care provision, and has previously made investments in healthcare IT and in wearable sensors for elderly patients.  The firm only invests in companies that have attained regulatory approval for their products, or which do not require approval.  The fund does not invest in therapeutics, but is open to investing in diagnostic technologies that will lower the cost of care.  In the medical device sector, the firm is generally not interested in invasive devices such as implantable.

While the firm is open to investing in any indication area, the firm’s focus is on population health and the firm is therefore primarily interested in indications with a large number of patients, including cancer, diseases of the nervous system, and diabetes.

The firm invests in both pre-revenue companies and companies with existing revenues, but does not invest in companies that still face regulatory barriers to attaining revenue.  The firm has long-term horizons for investment.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com

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