Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Evergreen Family Office Looking to Move on New Medtech Opportunities – February 5, 2013

5 Feb

A family office located in the Eastern US is currently looking for new companies in the medtech space. The firm, which has over $200 million in total assets under management, is specially looking for medical device companies, however has no specific preference in terms of what kind of device the company produces. They typically invest around $5 million in equity per company. Because the firm has an evergreen structure, there is no set timeframe to make an allocation, and thus the firm is always opportunistically sourcing new investment opportunities.

The firm primarily engages in buyout transactions, but does sometimes provide growth or venture capital to firms on a case-by-case basis. With that being, said the firm may consider a pre-revenue company that does not have a device currently on the market. The firm prefers companies that have under $100 million in revenue, and between $1.5 and $15 million in EBITDA. The firm invests in deals up to $75 million in transaction value.

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