Life Science Investor Sands are Shifting and New Landscape is Forming

6 Mar

By Dennis Ford, CEO, LSN

As you know, I think that most of the industry is navigating the fundraising process from an out-of-date map in terms of who to go after for capital. The sands are shifting, and the new landscape is starting to take shape. The primary mission of LSN is to create the new accurate map.

I recently conducted an informal survey about what is needed in general to help the cause of fundraising. The people I interviewed all stated that biggest gap lies in connecting early stage firms with investors, and an “early stage” focused conference was needed.

“There is a big need to create an early-stage JP Morgan like event… with better content, focused on early stage only.” – CEO / scientist

“Something more focused than the partnering conferences… the problem with the big partnering conferences is that it’s a free-for-all, cross-industry meeting… closer to a “mosh pit” than organized for a specific purpose.” – CEO, emerging biotech

“What’s needed is basically assembling early and mid-stage investors who can write checks to scientists who need the capital. I understand it takes time which is why they should convene these meetings regularly.” – academic scientist #1

“What we need is a boot camp for partnering! A conference that offers a basic, rudimentary skillset explaining the ins and outs of raising money… a how to… a survival guide” – academic scientist #2

“Ongoing regular quarterly events where investors and emerging scientists can create dialogue facilitate relationships which eventually result in capital inflows.” – life science marketer

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