Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Nonprofit PE is Interested in Wide Range of Investment Opportunities – April 4, 2013

1 Apr

A nonprofit private equity fund headquartered in the Eastern US has roughly $50 million in assets. The firm’s mission is to create positive social impact via direct investment in several sectors that constitute major areas of concern in third world countries, including healthcare. The PE invests across the life sciences sector, and is always evaluating new opportunities that offer compelling solutions to major public health problems in the developing world. The firm has no set time frame to make an allocation, but would invest if a compelling opportunity were uncovered.
The firm makes initial equity investments ranging from $500 thousand to $2 million, with most investments close to the $1 million mark. This capital can be provided as either debt or equity financing. The firm is interested in all areas of the industry, including therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, and service companies (especially CMOs). The firm doesn’t have a specific mandate regarding phase or indication, but prefers later-stage assets. It will however invest in preclinical opportunities with the right co-investor. The firm is comfortable making allocations to companies in the US, Europe or in relevant emerging markets.

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