Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: PE Group Targets Orphan Diseases, Neurological Disorders

1 Aug

A private equity group headquartered in the Western United States is looking for new opportunities in the life sciences space, and although it has no set time frame to make allocations, the firm would invest in a company within the next six months if a compelling opportunity were identified. The firm’s equity investments can range anywhere from $1-25 million.

The firm is most interested in the biotech therapeutics sector, as well as the medical technology space. In terms of companies in the medtech space, they are most interested in firms producing optical devices and active implantable devices. In the biotech therapeutics space, the firm is looking for firms developing drugs targeting neurological disorders of all kinds. They also have a particular interest in companies that are developing therapeutics targeting orphan diseases.

The firm will invest in both pre-revenue companies, as well as companies that have products that are already on the market. The group has a venture capital approach to investing in pre-revenue companies, and for those that have products on the market, it has more of a growth equity approach.

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