Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: VC to Make Several Equity Investments in Coming Months

9 Oct

A venture capital firm that has two offices in the Eastern US has approximately $40 million in total assets under management, and is seeking to make equity investments in 2-3 companies in the next 6 to 9 months. The average first investment in a company is between $0.1 million to $ 0.75 million, though it can invest up to $ 1.5 million, depending on the opportunity. They prefer to invest in seed and early-stage companies located in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US with a focus in the states of North Carolina and Florida.

This particular VC is currently looking for new investment opportunities in Medical Technology and Healthcare IT spaces, specifically in companies producing medical devices and software. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of medical devices, and it would consider companies operating within any subsector of medical technology. They generally make investments in pre-clinical and prototype stages within medical technology sector.

This fund will consider pre-revenue companies and make initial investments in companies with no revenues. They prefer to invest in technologies that are disruptive to existing markets or enable entirely new ones. The firm will not consider any biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and additionally would not be interested in growth companies.

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