RESI Panel Announcement: The Challenge of Outbound Fundraising

14 Aug

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2In today’s fundraising environment, investors are inundated, sometimes seeing hundreds of executive summaries a month. Life science entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are all but obligated to run a calculated outbound sales and marketing campaign. But how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? This panel features successful life science entrepreneurs at various stages of their fundraising campaigns, telling their tales from the road.

Moderated by Rick Berenson, CEO of Thermalin Diabetes, the audience will hear from:

Fred Colen, President & CEO, BeneChill

Richard Gauthier, Head of Business Development, Microbiotix

Gabor Bethlendy, CCO & Founder, Parabase Genomics

Michael Tippie, CEO, TomegaVax

Panelists will share insights and best practices based on their experiences with raising capital in the new investor landscape. The goal of the discussion is to help emerging companies understand what it takes to fund a biotech or medical device company today. What are their best tips for interfacing with different types of investors? How did they structure their campaigns? What types of resources did they use along the way, and how have they found the correct investor in the past? Listen in as these executives share their best anecdotes from tackling the challenges of fundraising first-hand.


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