Controlled Release, Nanotechnology and Structural Genomics Surfacing in the Platform Arena

14 Aug

By Alejandro Zamorano, VP of Business Development, LSN

Alejandro 10*10LSN Globally tracks technology platforms and has been able to yield some interesting data by classifying the different platform types and assessing the number of technologies within each classification. As you can see in Exhibit 1 LSN breaks down technology platforms into 26 categories as described below:


Exhibit 1

One of the most interesting findings was that number of large molecule discovery platforms is fairly abundant in the market place. This makes sense considering the explosion of biotech companies that have emerged over the last several years each claiming their unique mechanism to creating newest and hottest molecules. In addition, the bioinformatics also seem to be a strong platform which also is in line with the advances in computational power and the increasing sophistication of software data feeds that one is able to leverage. It would appear that these technology platforms in the space that have grown to be more abundant than others as a result of a higher level of investment in their respective class at an early stage.

The bottom of the chart is perhaps the most interesting where can see technology platforms that are relatively rare in the marketplace. Controlled release platforms for example appear to be relatively novel with only 14 companies reporting an in house platform. In addition in silicon modeling (of disease physiology or mechanism of action) is also a fairly unexplored field with vast opportunity. These areas could prove highly profitable for savvy investors able to identify leading technologies in a relatively unsaturated marketplace.

Knowing where you stand relative to the marketplace is a significant data point to understand both as entrepreneur positioning yourself or as an investor making a decision.



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