RESI Attracts Industry Players

18 Sep

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


On September 17th, more than 450 startup CEOs, investors, and service providers across 16 countries in the life science industry gathered for a day of partnering and compelling panel discussions in Boston’s historic Fenway Park. With more than 600 meetings booked, 14 panels focused on cutting-edge investing and fundraising, and 4 workshops, the stadium was buzzing with energy. However, the main factor that made RESI such a powerful event was the ratio of companies to active early stage investors. Exhibit 1 breaks down the types of attendees at the event.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1

Investors made up the largest single category of attendees, followed by biotech companies. The ratio of companies to investors was nearly 1 to 1, something that has become the norm at all RESI conferences. Service providers, including contract research organizations, I-banks, lawyers, and consultants, were also well represented, complementing the event’s strong investment focus. The number of companies developing devices and diagnostic equipment was also significant.

Analyzing the types of investors that attended RESI helps to further understand just what sets this event apart. Exhibit 2 highlights the diversity of capital providers that RESI brings to the table.

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 2

With venture philanthropy, foundations, and family offices representing the two largest investor classes, it is clear that RESI is an extremely effective venue for meeting and forming relationships with these highly sought-after investors.

Other more traditional investors, such as large pharma, venture capital, and corporate venture capital, were also well represented, diversifying the pool of capital available to the entrepreneurs that attended.

Angels and government organizations represented the smallest investor classes at RESI, as the majority of fundraising entrepreneurs are seeking to raise rounds larger than these investors can provide. However, as angels continue to syndicate for larger financing rounds and become longer term investors, they will represent an increasingly valuable opportunity for early stage companies.

During the conference, many fundraising executives and investors reported that the people they were meeting and the information they were gathering were well worth their time. We look forward to hearing more reports in the coming weeks so we can continue to make RESI an outstanding event for the industry.

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