If You’re Serious About Raising Capital, Check Out The RESI Program

11 Sep

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis bookLife Science Nation saw a glaring need to create a Redefining Early Stage Investment Conference (RESI) and launched it just a few years ago.  If you are raising capital or contemplating raising capital, then next week’s RESI conference is a great opportunity to get in front of investors.

This is a genuine opportunity to get feedback on your company and gauge how you are doing with your corporate pitch and positioning .  If you are looking for capital in the next 9-18 months this represents a gem of an opportunity. RESI has over 120 investors signed into the partnering system as of today and we expect another 50 to sign up this week and next. 

Why is RESI Unique? What Is the Differentiation?

RESI has accomplished a few tasks that other conferences haven’t. RESI actually delivers a significant number of global early stage investors to this venue.  The investor mix comprises 10 categories of investors, and RESI has created compelling content around each of these categories through dynamic panel discussions.  Last but not least, RESI offers a one-of-a-kind partnering system that really aids both startups and investors (through profile matching) to easily search and connect with each other based on fit.  This means that the partnering meetings are spot on in terms of actually connecting with an interested party as opposed to the hit or miss approach (text search) of other partnering events.

Click here to check out the RESI Program!

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