RESI@TMCx Panel Announcement: Early Stage Therapeutic Investors

10 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Early stage therapeutics companies have a long road ahead to reach the marketplace, and will require significant investment along their way. The level of risk involved at this stage deters some investors, and much has been written about the pull-back of many venture capital firms from this phase of investment. At RESI, a panel of 5 investors who are highly experienced in investing in early stage therapeutic development will discuss how they pick winning scientfic teams and support their portfolio companies through the challenges of the development process.

Moderated by Lisa Rhoads, Managing Director, Easton Capital, the panel will feature:

This panel will give fundraising entrepreneurs a firsthand look at the strategies used by early stage therapeutic investors to assess companies at the earliest, riskiest stage of development, and will help the audience to position their companies as an attractive investment opportunity.

By registering for RESI@TMCx, you’ll be able to listen to the early stage therapeutic panel live in person, and also experience numerous opportunities to expand your network in the life sciences and to learn more about the fundraising process.


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