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RESI@TMCx – Houston Texas Delivers BIG Time

14 Apr

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN


LSN is laser focused on the early stage investment dynamic; the ever changing relationship between buyer and seller, between investor and fundraising CEO/scientist-entrepreneur. LSN staff program the content to be specifically about investors detailing their investment processes to the entrepreneur audience – RESI’s panels and workshops are selected for relevance to early stage investment.

After the investor landscape morphed, LSN created RESI to be a venue to feature all the players in the early stage investment arena.   LSN tries hard to present current state-of-the-state content relevant to the investor marketplace. It’s not just about venture capital firms; there are nine other categories of investor that LSN invites to RESI, including Angels, Corporate VCs, Family Offices, Large Pharma/Med Device corporations, and Foundations. With VCs turning toward later-stage, derisked opportunities, it’s important for early stage companies to meet a broader group of investors that still have appetite for preclinical assets.

RESI is a hub in this new landscape, and while VCs are still an important part of this ecosystem, RESI aims to tell a wider story. I’ve received great feedback from attendees from throughout this ecosystem; LSN is proud to have created an event that yields a positive response from such a wide variety of early stage companies and investors.

Metrics for RESI @ TMCx

Breakdown of investors at RESI @ TMCx




740 scheduled meetings through the partnering system

68% between entrepreneurs and investors – the game is afoot!

15% between investors and other investors – syndicates are a growing trend and investors source syndication partners at RESI

12% between service providers and investors – CRO relationships are becoming more important to investors

5% between entrepreneur and entrepreneur – it’s a very small CEO universe

Quotes I heard at the event

Family Offices

A VP from a large family office (they invest up $100 million per deal) based in the Mid-Atlantic region who has been to last 5 of our conferences, stated he had 16 partnering meetings. The one thing he appreciated most was that the majority were from the Texas region – that’s why RESI was great for him. He has seen enough companies from Boston and the Bay Area. He was impressed that most Texas companies were far more realistic on valuations than those elsewhere.

An investor from a California-based family office who had never been to RESI before said “I go to many conferences across various industries and this was a great combination of useful topics and the kind of opportunities I want to see.”

Corporate VC

A corporate VC investor said he made one investment in a company he met at RESI@TMCx last year, and this year he found 2-3 he said he was very interested in pulling the trigger on.

A new corporate venture fund from the insurance industry said he needs venues like TMCx and RESI where he can find next generations solutions for all future applications, and also meet investors and strategic partners for corporate initiatives.

A VP of new technology at a corporation, who funded a company sourced from a previous RESI, described RESI@TMCx as a great venue for finding technology assets.

Seed Fund

Funded by two Chinese Pharma and a Chinese CRO looking for early stage investments, this fund’s founding came to TMCx to see what kind of regional technology she could find.


A U.S. Pharma BD and Licensing lead said “RESI @ TMCx is great for showing what great resources are in regions like Houston. I have met several companies at RESI that I will continue to investigate.”

A VP of Outsourced Technology said “I need to find companies before they get tied up with long term VC relationships. RESI Houston enables me to broaden my view of companies in a region I need to canvass. I need to get to know these companies at an early stage.”

RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

14 Apr

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

This week at RESI@TMCx, thirty companies from the biotech, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare IT sectors competed in the RESI Innovation Challenge. From among the applications we received, these companies were selected by LSN’s scientific review board to present their technologies in an exhibition-style format while RESI attendees cast their votes on the best innovations on display. Here are the top 3 winners!

First Prize Winner: GeneSegues Therapeutics


GeneSegues develops novel nanocapsule based solutions that can unlock the potential of promising drugs that need more precise delivery. Our technology is highly differentiated in that our ultra-small nanocapsule is 3x smaller than competing capsules and, due to their versatility and efficiency, can be readily designed to reach more targets with more drug leading to better treatment outcomes. We are using this technology to develop our own nanoencapsulated RNA drug for head and neck and colon cancers. In addition to developing our proprietary cancer drug candidate pipeline, we are seeking to partner our nanocapsules with drug developers in other cancer indications and other disease markets in need of innovative and effective targeted delivery solutions. We are actively engaged in a number of very high potential markets in need of new delivery technologies for RNAI, gene therapy and gene editing (also known as CRISPR). Because we can create new nanocapsules more quickly and significantly smaller than the competition, we can be a leader in some of the most exciting fields in medicine today.


Laura Brod, CEO, GeneSegues

Second Prize Winner: GreenLight Medical


GreenLight Medical is a cloud-based software to streamline the introduction, evaluation, and approval of new medical technology within hospitals. GreenLight is an end-to-end solution, offering a secure, collaborative, information-exchange platform to align medical device companies, medical sales representatives, hospital providers, and physicians in one all-inclusive tool. By eliciting coordination among multiple parties on new product evaluation, data, documents, and decisions can be analyzed from one shared space. GreenLight provides the actionable data and insights needed to enable medical suppliers and hospital providers alignment on cost, quality, and outcomes regarding new medical technology introduction.


Austin Dirks, CEO & CO-Founder, GreenLight Medical

Third Prize Winner: Adhesys Medical


Surgeons still suture or staple more than they’d like to, as medical glues don’t live up to their requirements. Adhesys Medical seeks to change the game, developing one-of-its kind polyurethane-based surgical adhesives. The technology is unique as it combines ease of use, strength, flexibility and biodegradability, allowing for wound-closure on and in the body within seconds and use in unprecedented areas of surgery. Venture backed and based in the US and Germany, it is our vision to advance surgery by providing physicians with the tools to minimize complications and maximize patient comfort.

Alexander Schüller, President & Laurence Zhu, Analyst from Adhesys with Emmanuelle Schuler Head of JLABS@TMC

Alexander Schüller, President & Laurence Zhu, Analyst from Adhesys with Emmanuelle Schuler Head of JLABS@TMC

RESI@TMCx – Program Guide

7 Apr

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

With 4 days to go, RESI@TMCx is getting ready to roll. We’re looking forward to being back in Houston and filling Texas Medical Center’s TMCx accelerator space with meetings, panels and new health technology ideas. With over 150 investors ready to meet with early stage companies, RESI attendees have already booked over 500 meetings. If you’re ready to plan out your day at RESI, check out the RESI@TMCx Program Guide below.


RESI@TMCx Panel Announcement: Diagnostic Investors

24 Mar

By Cole Bunn, Research Analyst, LSN


The diagnostics space encompasses a very wide range of technologies targeting indications across the board, and is arguably the most difficult sector, under the life science umbrella, to successfully navigate. Not only do these entrepreneurs have to first identify the correct capital providers and strategic partners to make their technologies a commercial reality, like everyone else, but piquing the interests of those entities may be considerably more difficult. Oftentimes, clearly articulating the value proposition of your diagnostic product/service is a little trickier than that of a more traditional therapeutic or medical device, and the go-to-market strategy for these technologies will usually be more highly scrutinized.

Moderated by John Walter, CEO & President, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy Foundation, this session will feature:

Given the complex strategic landscape diagnostics often face, along with the importance of the having the correct strategy in place, the value of guidance and feedback from experienced diagnostic investors can’t be overstated. This diverse set of panelists, representing a variety of different funds and organizations, will give the audience firsthand perspectives to help position their companies for success.

Registering for the RESI Conference will give you the opportunity to listen to this panel live, connect with relevant investors and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

RESI@TMCx Panel: Medical Device Investors Share Their Strategies

24 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Medtech innovation is one of the focuses of Texas Medical Center’s innovation programs, with TMCx focusing its startup acceleration program on medical devices and healthcare IT. RESI@TMCx will provide a venue for investors to meet with innovative medical device startups from Texas and beyond, and this panel session will explore what it takes to get a new device product funded and commercialized.

Moderated by Angela Shah, Editor, Xconomy, the panelists are:

The panelists will share their experience and insight on the medical device sector, including what areas of medical technology are of peak interest right now, what factors they examine when performing diligence on a medical device company, and what opportunities they see for the future of device innovation. If you’d like to hear from these experienced investors and from our expert moderator, you can register for RESI now.

RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge: Participating Startups Announced

17 Mar

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Senior Research Manager, LSN

Shaoyu 10*10

It’s time to announce the successful applicants to the RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge. LSN’s scientific review board have assessed and ranked all entrants across a wide range of criteria, from scientific novelty to strength of IP, to select the 30 strongest entrants. These entrepreneurs will receive a presentation space in the RESI@TMCx exhibit hall for the full day of the conference to showcase their innovations to investors and fellow entrepreneurs. All RESI attendees have the opportunity to vote in the Innovation Challenge by “investing” in the best of these companies.

If your company missed this opportunity to compete in the RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge, you can now enter the RESI on MaRS Innovation Challenge, to be held on June 23rd in Toronto.


RESI@TMCx Panel Announcement: Incubators, Accelerators & New Models

17 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

With the explosion of activity in early stage life sciences in the last few years, many new programs have been formed to support the youngest new biotech, medtech and healthcare IT companies in developing their products and making first steps toward commercialization.

This RESI panel will highlight five programs that provide vital resources at the earliest stage, including support, work space, mentoring, business education, and investment. The panelists will talk about how they select companies, how they help entrepreneurs turn scientific ideas into commercial success stories, and what makes each of their programs unique.

Moderated by Atul Varadhachary, Managing Partner, Fannin Innovation Studio, this session will feature:

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