Hot Investor Mandate 3: European VC Seeks Therapeutics, Devices & Industrial Biotech Worldwide

28 Jul

A venture capital firm based in Paris, France invests in early stage life science companies, seeking to be the first institutional investor in a company. The firm has over €1 billion AUM and is currently investing from a €300M fund raised in 2015. The firm makes seed and venture investments, oftentimes investing in a company’s seed round and later leading the Company’s A round. The firm can allocate €1-10M initially and up to €15M over the life of the investment.

The firm is currently looking for biotech therapeutics, medical devices and industrial biotech. For therapeutics, the firm is agnostic in terms of subsector and invests in small molecules, biologics, cell and gene therapy, etc. The firm is also indication agnostic, but currently most interested in oncology (especially CAR-T assets), CNS/neurology (with a particular interest in rare neuro conditions) and is exploring microbiome technologies, although the firm is less active in this area. The firm will consider products as early as 24-months from IND through to Phase III. For medical devices, the firm seeks paradigm-shifting technologies that can reach a human proof-of-concept stage in a relatively short period of time, and prefers PMA regulatory pathways although is open to other regulatory pathways as well.

The firm prefers to lead or co-lead an investments and generally requires a board seat in its portfolio companies. The firm seeks outstanding entrepreneurial management teams.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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