Antibodies: A Look at an Accelerating Landscape

27 Oct

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

The LSN Licensing Deals data platform logs all pharma licensing deals provided that financial information regarding on the deal has been announced. Taking a quick look at 2016’s announced deals thus far, we found that while many new technologies are making waves through pharma – such as T-cell technologies and RNA therapies – antibodies are currently the most wanted technology in pharma.

As over a quarter of the licensing deals logged in 2016 involve antibodies, we decided to take a look into the LSN Company Platform to find out what antibodies are currently being used for. For this article, we look at a sample of development-stage antibody products, ranging from preclinical-Phase III. We found that an overwhelming number – over half – of development-stage antibody drugs are in the oncology space. Other top indications for antibodies include infectious disease, musculoskeletal diseases and immune diseases, but oncological use of antibodies dwarfs all these.


Within cancer, many of the antibodies in development are targeting a specific type of the disease. Here’s a closer look at which areas of cancer are seeing the most antibody innovation at present:


As is typical in drug development, we find that a plurality of the development-stage antibodies are still in the pre-clinical phase of development, with a drop-off occurring at each stage.


While there’s a lot of excitement about new drug technologies such as gene and cell therapies, antibodies are still highly sought after by big pharma in 2016 and much innovation is taking place within the world of bispecific and monoclonal antibody development. The LSN Company Platform is keeping both LSN and our clients abreast of the latest new technologies out there, and how big pharma is driving demand.

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