RESI San Francisco 2017 Panel Announcement: Early Stage Therapeutics Investors

27 Oct

By Caitlin Kramer, Research Analyst, LSN


The critical early years of drug development after lead compound selection see pre-clinical studies, IND-filing, and the design and implementation of clinical trials. While navigating the regulatory needs of the FDA may seem enough of a challenge, entrepreneurs must also consider how their drug addresses the needs of investors. Capital intensity, endpoint selection, timelines to inflection points – these are just a few topics beyond the scientific data that LSN researchers have discussed the importance of with investors.

Understanding what investors are looking for in the deal and business plan structure can help entrepreneurs immensely in their approach to funding. LSN is pleased to announce the Early Stage Therapeutics Investors panel for RESI SF 2017, where five therapeutics investors will share their perspective on evaluating deals and answer audience questions.

Joining moderator Doug Fisher, Partner, InterWest Partners:

Check out these investors’ bios, and if you haven’t registered yet, do so here or get in touch with us by reaching out to the RESI team at



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