First Marketing Collateral Contest: How Do Your Logo & Tagline Shape Up?

13 Apr

By Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, LSN


Your idea may be brilliant but is your marketing collateral doing it justice? LSN is launching a contest to find out.  This week, we’d like to see your logo and tagline. Send in your logo and tell us the 5-7 word tagline for your startup, and we’ll feature the best submissions in a future edition of this newsletter, which will go out to 40,000 readers around the world.  It’s a fantastic platform to reach investors and strategic partners interested in your space.

Marketing is LSN’s DNA.  Our guide to building a consistent marketing message covers the vital elements of marketing your company.  Here are the key elements that investors will want to see:

In our years of working with early stage life science companies we’ve observed that companies that lack consistent, concise messaging often lose what would otherwise be interested investors simply because they couldn’t understand your core value prop or they misunderstood what you are working on.  And it all starts from the logo and tagline.

Your marketing package needs to convey, concisely and consistently, who you are and what your company does.  A logo therefore visually represents your company’s brand.  The tagline then distills your company’s vision down into its most concise form – generally 5-7 words.

Additionally, a fully developed marketing package should include an elevator pitch, an executive summary, and a pitch deck, with a website that builds on all these elements to showcase your company.  We’ll explore these elements in future editions.

Check out our guide on how a great set of marketing collateral is structured.  In the meantime, send LSN your logo and tagline – we’ll offer our professional opinion, and will share our favorites in a future issue of Next Phase.

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