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Life Science Nation Ecosystem – A Matching Platform for Buyers and Sellers

25 May

Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

LSN is a matching platform for early stage drugs, devices, diagnostics and healthcare IT and those partners who seek to invest in them. LSN has taken 5 years and 25 staff to develop an integrated partnering and funding platform that fulfils a significant unmet need that players in the life science ecosystem have faced – how to find relevant matches and start a dialogue that uncovers a mutual fit that leads to a successful investment transaction. Many of LSN’s global strategic partners have been aided–either directly or indirectly—in enhancing their pipelines and product offerings with this platform. In these cases, LSN acts as key information source, a feeder of technology assets, or as a catalyst for creating and executing opportunities for new revenue channels.

LSN created a fully integrated platform of interrelated products and services that enable buyers (pharma, medical device, equity investors), and sellers (early stage life science companies) to connect based on mutual fit. Using this suite of products and services, LSN can source, vet, rank, package and introduce companies to potential partners with an unrivaled reach in the early stage life science arena. Buyers can find technology assets and sellers can find compelling partners that are a fit for their stage of development and products.

LSN’s integrated product and services can be mixed and matched to fill your firm’s development needs, providing more efficiency to your projects. Be it sourcing, vetting, ranking, introducing partners, creating global road trips, licensing, M&A or equity investment, LSN products can be configured to match any client’s needs.

  1. They can buy the LSN investor database and create a list of investors to go pursue (Global Target List).
  2. Early-stage companies can also go to our RESI conferences that take place every 2.5 months throughout venues in North America and arrange to meet global investors there.
  3. They can use the database and the RESI conferences in combination. This is the optimal approach that has been quite successful for the buyers and sellers in the market place. Generating a list of Global Investor Targets that are a fit from the database and then meeting them at RESI conferences should easily produces a hundred or more meetings a year.
  4. The ultimate choice is to partner with Boston Innovation Capital (BIC), LSN’s Investment Bank, which will conduct fundraising campaigns for early-stage companies by using the database, RESI conferences, and the BIC partner network and set up the meetings and road trips for you. BIC uses all of the LSN’s IP and produces numerous meetings and increases the probability of fundraising success for select clients.

Partnering Accelerates – Don’t Get Left Behind!

25 May

By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN


RESI Partnering launched on Monday, and the activity level is already incredible. LSN has been collecting and analyzing RESI Partnering data ever since RESI 1 in September 2013. Within our first day post launch, we saw a 30% increase in the number of meeting requests compared to our data from last year. This activity in the system has resulted in the number of confirmed meetings nearly doubling daily since Monday, a testament to the efficiency of the RESI Partnering’s matching capability.

It is exciting to see this kind of growth, especially since this will be the first time RESI will be in San Diego, but this acceleration in meeting requests and confirmations demonstrates the importance of getting on board as soon as possible; as we noted last week, The Early Entrepreneur Gets the Meetings.

Register today because the sooner you are in the RESI Partnering Platform, the greater your chances are to get the best meetings with investors, companies, and strategic partners.

Medical Device Investors Share Their Expert Advice at RESI San Diego

25 May

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

The medical device industry is consolidating rapidly, and many entrepreneurs find the medtech fundraising landscape challenging to navigate.  However, there are a great diversity of early stage device investors out there looking for deals. This RESI panel brings together device investors from US and international VCs, a major device firm, and a private investment group to discuss how they assess medical device opportunities, and how an entrepreneur can build a productive dialogue with their firm.

Moderated by David Cassak (CEO, Innovation In Medtech), the panelists are:

Hot Investor Mandate 1: China Investor Opens California Subsidiary to Invest in Early Stage Medtech and Biopharma

25 May

A venture capital firm based in California, with a parent company in China, has over 30 portfolio companies across a wide variety of sectors including biotech, IoT, AI, etc. The firm’s strong connection with Chinese partners enables the firm to support companies with market entry in China. The firm is currently allocating out of its first fund of $20M and prefers to participate in seed/pre-series A financing rounds with check sizes of no larger than $500K. The firm is currently raising a second fund with a target size of $50M, through which the firm hopes to invest more capital in later rounds (i.e. Series A to B) and provide follow on investments to portfolio companies. The firm seeks investment opportunities globally.

The firm is opportunistic and will seek companies in all parts of the life sciences space: therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, etc. The firm has not invested in therapeutic products so far but is actively seeking new opportunities in the biopharma space, focusing on pre-clinical to phase I assets. The firm focuses on early-stage deals and will consider pre-FDA device products. The firm is open to companies developing products in all indications.

The firm seeks to work with privately owned companies with experienced management teams with a track record of success. The firm likes to see companies with intentions of entering the China market as the firm has a network of resources to support this, but this is not a requirement. The firm generally acts as the co-investor in financing rounds.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Innovation Center Provides Seed Financing to Healthcare IT Startups

25 May

An innovation center based in the US Midwest that has relationships with major healthcare firms has invested in a total of 14 portfolio companies and continues to seek new opportunities in the life science and healthcare space. The firm has an early-stage focus and participates in seed/pre-Series A financing rounds, with preferred capital structures being equity and convertible notes. Many investments have been focused on the local ecosystem, but the firm will consider opportunities from all across the USA, and may be open to looking beyond the USA if the product of interest is considered highly innovative.

The firm is most interested in healthcare IT/digital health and healthcare services products. The firm’s portfolio does include diagnostics and medical device companies and the firm will consider start-ups in these sectors, but will not consider 510k or PMA devices. The firm is also not interested in the pure biopharma/therapeutics space. For digital health companies, the firm expects to see some kind of traction but is open to those in their very early development stages.

The firm seeks to work with privately owned companies supported by experienced management teams with strong industry expertise and knowledge. The firm can act as either a lead investor or co-investor, and does not always take a board seat in portfolio companies.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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