Book Your RESI NYC Partnering Meetings Starting on Monday October 23rd

19 Oct

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN


Next Monday, October 23rd, the RESI Partnering Platform will open for the first RESI NYC, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors who are signed up for RESI will have the opportunity to start booking one-on-one meetings.

If you’ve signed up for RESI’s Premier Partnering Plus, you will be able to access deep profiles of investors and strategic players that can be used to ensure you are targeting the most relevant investors in attendance. As well as providing an extra tool to vet the firms you’re reaching out to, Premier Partnering Plus includes contact info to help reach investors and secure meetings. If you’re already registered and would like to talk about upgrading your registration, please contact us at

Beyond Partnering, RESI will offer 24 panels and workshops featuring more than 100 speakers focused on early-stage investment, and provide an engaging venue for ad-hoc networking on NYC’s up-and-coming biotech scene.

We hope you’re all ready to start filling out your dance card for RESI NYC. The price to attend RESI will increase by $200 after Friday, October 20th – if you’d like to take part in RESI Partnering, don’t delay in signing up.


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