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Hot Investor Mandate 1: Japanese Pharmaceutical Seeks to Partner with Global Innovations in Therapeutics, Devices, Digital Health with Focus in Orthopedics, Respiratory, Cardivascular Diseases

21 Jun

A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, focuses on two main sectors: pharmaceutical and medical device for home healthcare. The company is seeking innovative medical technologies to strengthen its pipeline while expanding into new areas. The company is looking for in-licensing and collaborative R&D opportunities in the US, Canada, EU, and Israel.

The company has existing businesses in respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and orthopedics. The firm is seeking innovative, home-care, therapeutic medical devices in the disease sectors described above. The company is also interested in home patient monitoring products. In addition, the company is looking for innovations in the following areas: neurological disorders such as stroke, depression, Parkinson’s disease, etc.; cancer; wound care; and rehabilitation, which all must be used at home care. The company is most interested in PMA and de novo therapeutic devices in the home-care settings. The company prefers assets with initial patient data. Furthermore, the company is seeking opportunities in digital medicine business (but not for consumer products) in disease areas described above.

Within pharmaceuticals, the company had previously focused on late clinical stage assets in orthopedics, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, but has expanded interests to consider early-stage opportunities. The company is most interested in small molecule and peptide drugs.

The company is looking for assets that are a compliment to its portfolio. The company prefers to own rights in the Japan market, while its partners can keep US or EU rights. The company’s regulatory team, clinical team and support system can assist its partners with product registration and distribution in Japan.

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Hot Investor Mandate 1: West Coast-Based Family Office Invests Up to $10M Into Early-Stage Therapeutics, Devices, and Tools Companies

31 May

A family office based in the West Coast invests in primarily early-stage (seed, Series A, Series B) companies with truly innovative technologies with a typical investment size of $2-10M per company. The firm will generally lead investments and invests globally with no geographic preference.

The firm is agnostic across life science sectors, including therapeutics, devices, and tools, but will not consider Healthcare IT or digital health technologies. The firm focuses on early stage preclinical to clinical-stage technology, though may be open to commercial-stage technology depending on the opportunity.

The firm is seeking companies with founders who have big ambitions, and a demonstrated ability to sell their team, investors, and partners on their vision. Previous startup experience is a big plus, but not required, and they will invest in young and first-time entrepreneurs.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Venture Firm Seeking Cellular Engineering Technologies for Diagnostics, Devices, and Therapeutics

10 May

A venture fund focusing on the frontiers of the intersection of science and technology looks for companies that are changing the market standards through innovative approaches. The firm is interested in US-based companies and generally invests in seed-series A rounds, typically when less than $5m is being raised. The firm invests in pre-clinical/in development technologies but prefers there to be proof-of-concept data. For medical devices, the firm will consider devices in the 510k regulatory pathway. The firm will generally invest between $250,000-1M, and will often connect companies to larger funds for later capital raises.

The firm is agnostic to sector and indication, and will also consider platform technologies. However, the firm is looking for companies that use DNA and cellular engineering technologies for diagnostics and therapeutics. The firm is not interested in standard therapeutics approaches such as small molecules. For medical devices, the firm is looking for devices that change the paradigms of care, solving an unmet need with a unique approach.

The firm does not require a board seat when investing. Rather, the firm will be as involved as necessary to help the company succeed, whether through personal intervention or through a connection to an external expert.

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