PARTNERING OPENS THIS MONDAY – Get an early start booking your meetings!

14 May

By Gregory Mannix, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

Partnering for Digital RESI June is about to open, and after 29 successful RESI partnering events, we can see what strategies lead companies to successfully book many productive meetings using the RESI Partnering Platform. Follow these tips and you will see the results:


  1. Start Early: Be sure to register before partnering opens to get on the platform from the beginning.
  2. Company Profile: create a compelling profile for both your company and yourself
  3. Choose Your Meetings: us the Partnering Platform to filter for the investors and strategics who are a fit for your technology and stage of development.
  4. Meeting Request Message: put a lot of thought into developing a concise but compelling message to request meetings.
  5. Request Many Meetings: request meetings with all of the investors/strategics who you think might be a fit for you. The 72-hour non-stop partnering format at Digital RESI June allows all attendees to book more meetings than ever before at a RESI conference!
  6. Follow Up: don’t forget to send follow-up messages to the people you are hoping to meet with until you hear back. Craft several messages with additional information about your company you can use to follow up.

Check out these partnering success stories:

If you haven’t registered yet, you can REGISTER HERE

Confirmed investors for Digital RESI June:


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